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Pets Welcome

  • 19th Feb 2013

Pets Welcome

Are you struggling to find a holiday where you can bring your pet? Or do you just not want to leave without your best buddy?

Don’t worry, we have a number of holiday parks that welcome pets so you don’t have to waste money on a kennel and spend the whole trip worrying how your furry friend is getting on without you.

There are not many places throughout Britain that give holiday goers the opportunity to bring their pets with them to enjoy the holiday too but we have parks that make it possible.

Not all of our parks do, so here is a breakdown of which ones do:

• Abbots Salford – Nr. Evesham, Worcestershire: This holiday park is set over 40 acres of riverside land which means your pooch can burn their energy and you can enjoy some relaxing views in the process. The beautiful countryside setting makes this a great place to walk your dog and you are just a short journey away from all the shops and restaurants too.

• Leedons Park – Cotswold, Worcestershire: This caravan park is set in a village location so you are conveniently located to enjoy the site and local villages too, which is brilliant for when you really want to stretch your legs.

• Overstone Lakes - Northampton: Overstone Lakes is one of the largest of parks and is set over 115 acres of beautiful lakes and wooded parkland making it a great choice for the whole family and not just the dog.

• Severnside - Worcestershire: Located on the riverside of the River Severn you can enjoy leisurely strolls along the bank. This park also boasts other entertainment which means once you have finished walking the dog you can enjoy some time for yourself.

• Sunbeach – Cardigan Bay, Wales: Sunbeach has access to a beach front, the countryside and mountain walks so you can decide where you want to spend your energy. Maybe one day you can walk your pet along the mountain and the next day you can get its paws all sandy on the beach, it’s entirely up to you. Here are five holiday parks that you can not only enjoy yourself but so will your pets. Happy ‘furry’ holiday.

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