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Static Caravan Makeover Ideas for Your Home Away from Home

1st Jul 2020

For many of us, a caravan is far more than just a caravan - it is a true home away from home. It is a place of comfort and relaxation; somewhere you can escape to for an enjoyable time away from...

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Do Manufactured and Mobile Homes Lose Value?

15th Apr 2020

When buyers come to view homes situated at any of our residential parks, one of the first questions they ask our team is do mobile homes lose value over time? The answer is yes, a mobile home will...

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Top Tips on How to Downsize Your Home

8th Apr 2020

When you make the decision to trade in your home for something a little cosier because you no longer have the need for such an open space (perhaps due to any children having flown the nest),...

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Essential Tips for First Time Caravanners

2nd Apr 2020

Caravans and mobile homes are incredibly versatile ways of travelling and holidaying with loved ones or alone. However, learning exactly how to start caravanning properly can feel like a challenge...

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The Major Benefits of Living in the Countryside

30th Mar 2020

For many, living in the country is a dream that they hope to one day turn into their reality. It is an ambition that drives those who work in the city to put in the extra hours so that they might...

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How to Perform a Caravan Drain Down

18th Mar 2020

The caravan drain down is a phrase thrown around across caravan parks around the world but as a new caravan owner, you might be feeling a little unsure on what this task entails. At Allens...

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How to Upgrade Your Mobile Home: Static Caravan Refurbishment Ideas

3rd Mar 2020

  Just the same as any home, your caravan will require redecorating and refurbishing now and then to keep it looking its best. A static caravan refurbishment doesn't necessarily have to...

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Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy During Your Caravan Holiday

20th Feb 2020

In the UK, the family caravan getaway is a staple holiday choice and for good reason, as it offers the best opportunity for families to create memories that will last a lifetime - without...

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