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How To Winterise Your Caravan

  • 5th Jan 2014

How To Winterise Your Caravan

With the prices of family caravan holidays swiftly moving down the holiday cost scale you may find this time of year to be the perfect opportunity to steal a last minute caravan holiday to a snow laden winter wonderland campsite.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your parkas, wrap your scarfs and let’s get on the road!

Wait; don’t tell us you forgot to winterise your caravan? You did? Now the joys of a Christmas holiday can never be experienced! However, there’s still time for you to winter proof your caravan and head off on the trip you have been dreaming of.

Here are a few things you need to do in order to protect your caravan from the harsh chills that winter brings:

• It is advised to move fixed seating cushions as far away from the exterior wall as possible. Dramatic temperature change will result in condensation and mildew may form on your seating.
• Make sure you leave all cupboard doors open to allow good air circulation.
• Use a dehumidifier on the inside of your vehicle for a few hours or invest in some dehumidifying salt or crystals.
• Take care of all of your upholstery – This may include investing in dusting cloths to wipe down the sides and closing the blinds to avoid fading in the crisp winter sun. Furthermore you may want to consider removing all of the bedding, pillows and cushions to protect them from damp patches that may develop. Clean the stove carefully with your most dependable solution and hoover the interior flooring regularly to keep any dust bunny’s at bay.

• Check that the handbrake is off; by leaving the handbrake off you can avoid the drums sticking together – To prevent your caravan from rolling away think about using bricks or heavy objects to keep it still and in place.
• Cover your caravan with a breathable material to protect it from weather fluxes and to keep the air circulating – Before you do so, it is advised to give it even just a quick scrub; this will make it easier to uphold the desired appearance on the arrival of spring. While cleaning, give it a polish with sham cloths to make it squeaky clean and appear new and shiny.
• Use pipe lagging to protect the caravan’s water pipes if you wish to keep water in the system over the season.
• Before setting off, be sure to check that all parts your chosen vehicle are working properly including the jockey wheel, the brakes, the handbrake and so on – If needed, oil these mechanical parts to avoid them going stiff during travel.
• If you’re planning to use gas while you’re away be sure to switch to propane as butane freezes below 4˚C.
To help you maintain your caravan during winter think about how you would keep your car or home in good nick and apply your knowledge to keeping your caravan in good condition. You wouldn’t let your vehicle rust and deteriorate likewise you wouldn’t invite friends into an untidy, unsanitary home.

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