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Caravan Deals

We have provided caravan holidays in the UK for a number of years and continue to bring the best caravan deals to our customers.

Allens Caravans aims to be the best value for your money and you can often come back to our website to find a number of caravan deals that go unrivalled. We regularly update our website with new deals which could give you the opportunity to own your own caravan home at a fraction of the original price. 

When looking for the perfect caravan deal it is important to have in mind certain requirements that will help you find the deal suitable for you. Allens Caravans is in its third generation, so we know a good caravan deal when we see one. Our parks alone are worth visiting but if you find a caravan available, that you can continually visit, for a price that won’t break the bank, and then you are onto a winner.

Each of our parks offer something different, so you can choose the caravan deal suitable for you dependent on a number of things. These include the caravan’s location, its size and its price. Other things to consider are both the on-site entertainment and the off-site too. It is possible that you could find a caravan deal that ticks all of these boxes.
So what are you waiting for? Search through our static caravan holidays to find the best caravan deals.

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