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Winter Prep Props

  • 30th Oct 2015

Winter Prep Props

A lot of us dread the big seasonal change, as the majority of British people prefer summer clothing compared to winter attire.

What you may not realise though is that wrapping up can be cosy, comfy, practical and stylish. So read on to find out more about dressing for the season, and what winter prep props you need to pack for the caravan.

All Thawed Out                                                                    

In the winter, and especially in the snow, it is common for hands to get so cold that you can’t even feel them anymore. In addition to comfort, it is important to keep your hands warm throughout the autumn and winter to prevent dry skin too. Invest in some warm gloves or mitts this year.

You Muff Be Joking                                                                                                             

A thing of the past, you say? Not at all! Earmuffs have made a massive comeback in the past few years; to the point where they are even being used as discreet headphones! You’d be surprised at what a difference keeping cold air away from your ears makes.                          

Around Your Ankles

Gone are the days of hidden shoe liners and trainer socks. It’s all about the warm knee length socks now! Handy for the cold blast and those knee high boots and wellies you’ve secretly been wanting to wear all year.  

Hot Stuff

The cold weather needn’t be all about high electricity bills due to the constant use of heating. Invest in a hot water bottle instead; it will last ages and keep you all warm and toasty too. Failing that, if your shoulders stiffen up in the cold draught, buy a microwaveable heat pack instead – it’s like a warm hug!

Your Very Last Nerves

Remember, it is incredibly important to ensure you wear the right footwear during the cold snap, as all your body’s nerve endings are in your feet; if your feet are warm then so are you. If not, you’ll want to kick yourself, so to speak.

Snuggle Up

Last of all, invest in a snuggle wrap blanket this winter. Curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and your loved one and ensure you stay all warm and toasty.

With that thought in mind, why not forget the same old sofa you’re accustomed to, and snuggle up on a sofa at one of our holiday parks? Well, now that you’ve got all that warm gear ready, you’re more than prepared to come to one of our holiday parks this winter!

So come on down to Allens Caravans for a break, and enjoy the beautiful season whilst your at it!

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