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Why Are More People Moving into Residential Park Homes?

  • 29th Aug 2017


Over the last few years, more and more people have been making the move to residential park homes, trading in their houses on busy estates for the calmness of living in a caravan.

When you make the move to a residential park, you will soon notice the benefits of living in a caravan as opposed to a busy street. No more rush hour traffic or bin men waking you up early in the morning and a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Of course, there are other, more measurable, reasons why many are making the move and this is because the cost of living can be considerably cheaper. The cost of keeping your house likely surpasses how much it would cost to live in our park homes.

Finding Residential Park Homes for Sale

Through our website, we list how many homes are available on our residential park homes page. If you are interested in enquiring about any of the available homes in our parks, please be sure to get in touch and we can arrange a viewing and go through some of the finer details.

As our park homes are hugely popular, do not be surprised to see if any of our parks are fully accommodated, making it all the more important that you do not delay! We encourage anyone interested in our park homes to look around our residential parks in order to experience the benefits that are on offer to our residents.

Friendly Neighbours

Are you tired of living next to difficult neighbours who can make your life a misery? At our residential park homes, you will be welcomed into a unique community full of like-minded people who all want the same thing - a peaceful life. Our residents stay with us as they enjoy the laid back lifestyle that our park homes bring.

On built up streets with terraced housing and congested roads, stress can take over even the coolest of individuals. With plenty of living space and an open setting, residents enjoy their own space without the stress associated with living on a housing estate.

Other Benefits

Where else can you live with access to on-site facilities such as shops, restaurants and activity centres? Without ever having to leave the park, you can enjoy all of the facilities that otherwise you might have to travel across the city to enjoy.

If you are interested in any of our available residential park homes, please contact Allens Caravans today on 01564 792323.

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