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Top 5 Things About the UK

  • 6th Aug 2014

Top 5 Things About the UK

According to statistics released by, in 2013 the UK was the seventh biggest international tourist destination in terms of visitor numbers. Above the UK were France, the USA, China, Spain, Italy and Turkey. So, with the UK moving up the ranks as a popular holiday destination, why should you book a holiday in the UK, especially with Allens Caravans?

Well, let's take a look at a few of the best things about the UK!

The Countryside

With lavish green hills and ample opportunity for glorious walks in the sunshine, the British countryside definitely deserves a place on our list. Nothing beats walking through open fields and climbing up hills with a backdrop of sunny blue sky. The countryside also offers the chance to properly appreciate how pretty the United Kingdom really is.

‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside'

Here in the UK we have a number of seaside locations that, depending on the weather, can make for a great day out! There is something captivating about the smells of great British traditions like Fish and Chips and ice cream, not to mention the fresh salty air and a sparkling sea view. Nothing beats a good old trip to the beach. What's more is that many of our beaches also play host to small towns which offer fantastic shopping and plenty of opportunity to hit the arcades! From toy grabbers to 2p machines, the arcade is fun for kids and adults alike.

Caravan Holidays

We Brits are partial to our family holidays in UK caravan parks - and why shouldn't we be? Caravan holidays at are fantastic for people of all ages because they offer a myriad of activities including nature walks, fishing and excursions to local historic sites and towns. For those less inclined to explore, there are a number of onsite facilities too, such as swimming pools, restaurants and cafes. Caravan holidays are also an amazing place to meet new people and make lifelong friends; all whilst appreciating the UK's natural beauty.


The UK is steeped in history; everywhere you go has a story to tell, so why not brush up on your knowledge and go travelling? The UK has many hidden treasures and a number of historically significant artefacts which can be found in museums dotted all around the country. There are also many natural wonders like the Giant's Causeway and iconic landmarks like the Tower of London to explore. The ancient British Isles really are the ideal place to explore on holiday.


Food glorious food; no one does it better than the Brits! Fish and Chips and Sunday Roast are on the menu, but these traditional favourites are just two of a vast array of truly British dishes adored by tourists and natives alike. Whether you are planning a trip to the beach or a quiet visit to a nearby market town, you are bound to come across a lovely traditional pub or restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal. From scones to cream tea, nothing beats a truly British bite in the afternoon.

There you have just five of the best things about the UK. Now, these are by no means the only reasons people love spending their summers on a UK caravan holiday but along with the Royals, Lord's and Wimbledon, they make the UK a tourist hotspot. So make sure you enjoy a UK adventure of your own this summer. Visit our website for some of the most stunning holiday locations around the UK today! 

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