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Top 5 Sweet Summer Treats

  • 20th Sep 2014

Top 5 Sweet Summer Treats

Whether you are having a barbecue at your Allen's beachfront caravan, a garden party on the deck of your holiday home or a picnic out in the Worcestershire countryside, you will be hard pushed to plan your menus without paying attention to dessert! One of the best bits about summer is the tasty treats on the menu, which is precisely the reason why you need to have an arsenal of iced, refreshing and sweet treats ready for the warm months of al fresco dining ahead. View our countryside parks and be mesmerised today!

Here is our pick of the top five summer treats for you to whip up on holiday - and all season long!

Strawberries and Cream

Try putting this British classic in a little pot to make the perfect portable dessert. You can mix it all up, put the strawberries in pots and take cream separately or use homemade whipped cream or clotted cream and make a layered strawberry and cream trifle.

Summer Fruit Scones

Fruit scones, whipped cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries are the perfect combination for a summer afternoon. You can have the scones "open" with the toppings layered on each half, or if you need an easy, portable treat you can try making summer fruit scone sandwiches. 

Eton Mess

Strawberries and raspberries are wonderful summer fruits. They are sweet, tangy and perfect for most desserts. Of all the best-loved British dessert dishes, Eton Mess is probably best known for its combination of strawberries and raspberries, along with the tasty goodness of crushed meringues, whipped cream and berry compote. Yes, Eton Mess is the taste of a British summer and it can be made into little portable pot desserts, just as easily as it can be made into a big sharing dish.

Traditional Summer Pudding

An abundance of berries in the summer months means that you can get creative and use all sorts of berry-dependent dessert recipes. One popular berry-based dish is the traditional Summer Pudding which combines everything from strawberries and raspberries to blackcurrants and blackberries. Made with fruit and bread, this dessert is incredibly simple and utterly delicious, though it does require some prep the day before as per this Summer Pudding recipe. If you leave yourself enough time, once you have the hang of it you will find that this pudding is an easy and effective summer dessert.

Lemon Posset

Berry desserts are hugely popular and relatively straightforward to make in the summer, but you may decide that you'd prefer a tangy, refreshing dessert to cleanse the palette. That's where a simple Lemon Posset comes in. Made with nothing but fruit, cream and sugar and topped with fresh summer berries like raspberries and strawberries, this Lemon Posset will be a fantastic treat to enjoy on a hot day; it's just the right size and is light and airy.

These are just a handful of the tasty summer treats that are popular in the British summertime. Of course, what desserts you choose to indulge in on your luxury caravan holiday with will depend on your personal tastes, ingredient availability and how much effort you want to put into the kitchen. So use this as inspiration, do your own recipe and research and be experimental - that's where you will stumble across the tastiest treats! 

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