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Top 5 Festive Things To Do…For Free!

  • 2nd Dec 2014

Top 5 Festive Things To Do…For Free!

When winter rolls around at, the thought of getting out and about can leave a lot to be desired. If you aren't turning blue in the chilly sub-zero temperatures, you are likely getting drenched by that sad sort of drizzle which seems to last for at least a week.

With such conditions and a definitive end to the fun and freedom of summer, you might be at a loss as to what you can do with your days. No doubt, you will be cosy enough hibernating in your residential park home, but is that all you want to do until spring reappears? Click here for fantastic park home deals!

Of course it's not. Yes, there might be weather issues and budget constraints to contend with this cold season, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Winter brings with it a wonderful mix of hot chocolate, crisp mornings and Christmas cheer. There is always something to do at this time of year, and it needn't be too complicated or too expensive. There are plenty of festive treats and activities for you to indulge in, without having to break the bank.

So if you're likely to venture away from the cosiness of your residential caravan park this winter, try enjoying some of the free festive treats listed below.

Fall In Love with Christmas Lights

There is nothing more festive than seeing lots of twinkling lights lining the streets in towns and villages. In bigger market towns and cities especially, the Christmas light displays can be something to behold. Many places will have a town-wide blanket of lights, and an official switch-on ceremony to mark the occasion. Throw into the mix the various festive shop window displays, and you have the makings of a very pleasant evening. Just wrap up, wander the streets and soak up the Christmas vibe. View our website for parks situated in the middle of old English village life. 

Have Hot Cocoa and Hot Mince Pies

Comfort food is a big part of what gets us through the long, cold winter months. A dark and dingy December evening can be transformed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate topped with cream and sprinkles, along with a batch of freshly baked mince pies. Of course, making your own luxury hot chocolate and treats will not be completely free because you need to gather the ingredients however, most will already be in the pantry and the making itself will provide hours of fun.

Have Lots of Wintry Tunes to Play

Most people look to Christmas movies and cosy novels to keep them occupied on a winter's evening, but having a stock of wintry tunes to play can work just as well. You can light up the room with a big band playlist, or go old school with crooners and classics. To go all out, why not organise a night of carolling around your residential caravan park? You could even do it to raise money for charity!

These are just a handful of suggestions in terms of what you can get up to this winter. There are lots of other budget-friendly ways to get festive, whether you want to stay onsite or venture further afield. So make sure your residential caravan at Allens Caravans UK is at the heart of this year's Christmas cheer, and think of new and interesting ways to have fun for free.

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