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Three Christmassy Ideas for Your Community

  • 20th Dec 2014

Three Christmassy Ideas for Your Community

Allens residential caravan parks offer an unparalleled sense of community. Part of what makes this neighbourly atmosphere so special is getting your friends and visiting family members involved with different activities, and making the most of each season.
With the winter here and Christmas on its way, there is plenty to do around this time of year. From hanging up seasonal decorations to taking a stroll around the snowy park, putting aside the time to do something with the neighbours is important. It helps to uphold that sense of community and allows you to welcome newcomers into an inviting society. 
If you are struggling for ideas on how to spice up life on your residential park this winter, read on. In this blog post, we will take you through just three Christmassy ideas for your community. Visit our website for the UK's most inviting residential caravan parks!
Secret Santa
Secret Santa is always great fun, and the secrecy makes it all the more exciting and intriguing. For this activity all you need is a hat, pieces of paper with everyone’s name written on and a set budget. Then you need to get everyone together to draw a name, and if someone draws their own name, they just pop it back in the hat and pick another piece of paper. Setting a budget is always a must as it helps to avoid confusion when purchasing a present.
You can also set challenges or choose a theme for your Secret Santa presents, to make it more fun. For example, you may want to rule that each participant has to buy two presents – a personal one and a funny one. 
Festive Competitions
There is nothing better than a bit of light-hearted competition. So, why not put your decorating skills to the test and host a festive competition? You could see who can create the best Santa’s Grotto or who can use the most Christmas lights strategically. For this activity, you will need two or three willing judges, as well as a prize for the winner.
The final winner can be announced on Christmas Eve, and the competitions can be part of a fun-filled evening of games and raffles.
Seasonal Parties
On top of Secret Santa and festive competitions, you also have the option of throwing a seasonal party. This can be great fun as it gets all the neighbours together and gives you a chance to catch up with newcomers too.
In addition, you can test your baking skills and whip up a few classic treats for your guests, as well as crack out your Christmas music collection for a bit of cheesy fun. Don’t forget to trim your residential park home with snowflakes and DIY decorations too!
Like Secret Santa, you can set a theme for the evening. This could be fancy dress or simply a ‘dress to impress’ dress code. This gives you and the neighbours a chance to pop on your best dancing shoes and spend the night in total glamour.
These are just three Christmassy suggestions you can share with your residential park community.
From all of us here at Allens Caravans, have a wonderful winter season.

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