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The Springs: A Winter Wonderland

  • 20th Jan 2015

The Springs: A Winter Wonderland

Though temperatures drop and the roads are coated in thick snow, winter can be a romantic time of year that calls for all sorts of nostalgic moments and lovely accessories. So, pop on your woolly hats and striped scarves as we head to The Springs with Allens Caravans.

The Springs is one of our most luxurious parks. It is equipped with everything you need to have a memorable winter vacation, not to mention a few extras that help this Holiday Park to excel. From the heated indoor swimming pool to a remarkable private fishing spot and everything in between, The Springs Holiday Park is perfect for couples and singletons who want to spend a bit of time away from home.

You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, with nothing but the bright winter sun peeking through your window and the serene sounds of wildlife right at your doorstep; bliss. If, however you don't want to stay onsite, there is lots to do in surrounding Worcestershire.

A few of the attractions you can visit in Worcestershire include the Worcester Cathedral and a chance to pop your creative caps on at the Worcester Arts Workshop.

Onsite though, you will find beautifully landscaped grounds as well as a number of nature reserves. The grounds are perfect for a quick stroll in the snow.

Also, on this park, we have a number of Holiday Homes available for purchase including the Atlas Mayfair, Atlas Concept and Brentmere Plaza Grande. For a small insight into what these homes can offer, we have compiled a brief description of each below. Click here to view our exclusive range of caravan parks and book yourself a lovely getaway  now!

Atlas Mayfair

This Holiday Home consists of a lovely, traditional interior design. The kitchen has a beautiful set of cream cabinetry with a contrasting theme of browns throughout.  The home itself comes with a porch, and there are plenty of windows to allow for plenty of natural light. This particular home is a one bedroom property making it ideal for couples or singletons who feel like getting away for a week.

Atlas Concept

Unlike its brother, the Atlas Concept is a two bedroom property with plenty of space and potential to offer. With a beautiful front garden and porch, not to mention an equally pleasant interior, this holiday home is just the thing for those who are looking for something a little more spacious. This home is also very open, allowing the décor to flow through the rooms.

Brentmere Plaza Grande

As the largest out of the three mentioned in this article, the Brentmere Plaza Grande is another two bedroom property that consists of a lovely, rustic exterior. However, stepping inside, you will find a gorgeously designed, neutral colour palette spread across the rooms. This holiday home also comes with a porch and garden with plenty of space for recreational activities including experimental gardening.

This is just a little look at Springs Holiday Park and the Holiday Homes onsite. So, pay a trip to The Springs this winter for a chance to experience a true seasonal wonderland!

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