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The Perfect Playlist For Your Caravan Holiday

  • 7th Apr 2014

The Perfect Playlist For Your Caravan Holiday

Daily life can be a bit of a struggle at times, what with the highs and lows of utter chaos and downright humdrum. Whether you are a proud rural resident or a cool city-slicker, once in a while you will need a holiday. Now, a lot of people envisage sandy beaches and scorching sunshine when they hear the word "holiday" but there are great, hassle-free alternatives to these expensive jet-set trips. There are plenty of luxury caravan holidays on offer in the UK, with something to suit every taste.

If you are dreaming of getting away from the hubbub of the city so you can enjoy rolling countryside and plenty of fresh air then you might fancy a caravan holiday in Wales with its stunning landscape and outdoorsy activities. Alternatively, you could be itching to get away from your quiet country life but bored of standard city breaks and in need of something different; that's where a last minute caravan holiday could come in, somewhere near a culturally and historically rich town like Evesham or Stratford-Upon-Avon. Either way, a caravan holiday is a good choice for a quick break and in order to make the most of it, you will need to make sure you have a quality soundtrack suited to your chosen holiday.

For The Quiet Countryside Camper

Sting Fields of Gold

The phrase ‘fields of gold' conjures a wonderful image of sunbathed fields of corn dotted amongst vast green countryside. The song itself is a wonderful mix of soft 90s music and Sting's distinctive raspy voice. He sings of the sun's jealousy as lovers lie in fields of barley and continues to tell a beautiful story of summer love that makes you feel both nostalgic and excited for what summer holds, all at once.

KT Tunstall Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

KT Tunstall's distinctive voice and fun, folksy style blends well with a semi-upbeat pop feel in this song. Not explicitly about summer or nature, taken literally the song alludes to the magic and mystery of the country. The idea of a little black horse and a cherry tree showing up and talking to her about her broken heart makes this quite a fun and interesting song. On top of that, the toe-tapping beat and the incredibly catchy "woo hoo oo" make this a top summer jam.

John Denver Take Me Home, Country Roads

Country music always has a way of enhancing the feel of summer freedom and wide open country spaces. John Denver's classic song is one well known and well loved by many, with its very laid back but still upbeat feel. Plus, you can't help but smile and sing along to the idea of country roads winding round and leading the way to where you belong.

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong is one of the original kings of cool and this iconic song of his is a favourite for all generations. He clearly shows how he takes delight in appreciating the natural beauty of the wonderful world around, from the trees of green to the clouds of white. It is all but impossible not to love this song and you are sure to fall in love with the countryside when you hear it. 

Tom Jones Green, Green Grass of Home

If you are going on a caravan holiday in Wales (or really, anywhere in Britain) then Tom Jones is an apt choice for your playlist. This song is particularly perfect for anyone who wants to fall head over heels for the lush green land they're holidaying in. This classic song with Jones' strong voice and sweet lyrics is sure to keep you swaying and smiling all summer long.

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