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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

  • 7th Jun 2015

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite…
~ Said Britain to the Caravan
Yes, it is no secret that the Great British people have had a long and enduring romance with the caravan. Towing caravans around the countryside in the summer, spending long weekends in a holiday home all year round, and even relocating to a residential caravan permanently; all of these have become part and parcel of the British lifestyle.
Of course, our love of this quirky kind of accommodation is deep rooted and caravanning has become second nature, so it is always nice to see someone make a conscious effort to put the spotlight on caravans and all that they entail.
Enter: Gareth Iwan Jones, a photographer with a soft spot for caravans, on a mission to show the world just why the Brits adore their caravans so much.
According to the BBC, Jones has turned his artistic attention to the caravan. As the subject of his newest work, the caravan obviously has a special place in his heart. Explaining his desire to focus the lens of British leisure, he said:

“I’ve always thought of caravanning as a wonderfully eccentric, colourful world of quirky characters and interesting regalia that would make for a great photography project […] It didn’t disappoint”.

Jones and his wife travelled the UK, stopping off at 30 different sites, including everything from the side of the motorway to pockets of natural beauty, in order to snap charming shots of the caravan in its natural habitat.
Indeed, the way Jones describes caravans gives them a strong sense of personality, whilst the way in which he captures the personalities of caravanners defies you to do anything but fall in love with the lifestyle all over again.
So if you are proud of your caravan, or if you are pondering whether or not the caravan life is for you, Jones’ Caravan, A Great British Love Story is going to be well worth a look when it is published in June. Keep an eye out for it!
Until then…
Happy Caravanning; the greatest of British pastimes.

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