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Taking the Grandchildren on Holiday

  • 30th May 2016

Taking the Grandchildren on Holiday

Life moves at far too fast a pace for a lot of us, so taking a well-earned holiday is among one of the time honoured traditions of the family. Considering that holiday time is essentially the only way you'll get to spend time with a lot of family members, it's important to plan your getaway so you can make the most of the time you have. We love welcoming families at our parks and enjoy seeing grandparents bonding with their grandchildren; so, here're just a few reasons to choose a UK caravan holiday for a break with the grandchildren.

Time to Unplug

Technology makes up such a significant part of life nowadays that it isn't always easy to ask younger family members to unplug for a few hours, let alone a few days. The great thing about caravan holidays is just how simple it is to ask the kids to stop for a while and appreciate what's around them. Several of our parks have children's play and activity areas, as well as swimming pools so there are plenty of opportunities to tire them out the old fashioned way!

Appreciating Nature

The location of our caravan holiday parks in the UK lend themselves extremely well to planning a fun-filled adventure holiday for younger family members. All of our parks are nestled in gorgeous scenery from the plush Cotswolds to the rolling hills of North Wales - so why not plan a nature walk with the grandchildren? Challenge them to find certain plants or count how many different types of wildlife they can spot; get creative! You can even turn it into a bit of friendly competition for lively siblings.

Bonding Time

While it's wonderful to have the grandchildren over to stay at your home, the familiar setting doesn't perhaps push them to try something new or focus on their loving Nan and Grandad. In a more intimate setting of a caravan, you're presented with a unique opportunity to set up some bonding time. Once again, the only limit is your imagination so try a variety of activities from classic campfire-style sing-songs to the time-tested family ritual of board games. Disclaimer: we accept no responsibility for Monopoly-related disagreements!

Taking the grandchildren away from home might seem like a daunting prospect, but it can be immeasurably rewarding and a lot of fun for all involved. If you're thinking about a caravan holiday with children and are looking for some advice on best places, contact us for some inspiration.

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