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Stay Entertained this Autumn

  • 23rd Oct 2015

Stay Entertained this Autumn

Autumn is upon us, but this is not a reason to balk at the prospect of leaving the house, oh no! Of course, cosying up in your favourite jumper and a blanket by the fire with hot chocolate sounds amazing, and you can do that, but Autumn has so much more to offer than just a cosy night in - as our residents in our UK holiday parks can testify.

Make the most of your caravan holiday this autumn, get productive with your time and make some amazing memories to take home. Whatever you do, it doesn't have to be strenuous - in fact, we encourage you to relax, but we wouldn't want you to miss out on everything this country has to offer.

Make, see and do....

Harvest Festival is just around the corner - is there anything you can contribute to your local collection? Giving feels good, and there may well be a Harvest Festival Celebration happening, too.

Halloween and Bonfire Night are definitely on the calendar, too. Traditional events that involve dressing up, sweets and fireworks are a firm family favourite, no matter what your age. Make your own fun with apple bobbing, pumpkin carving and baking some sweet treats for the family.

Fireworks also feature in Diwali celebrations up and down the country. The religious Festival of Light celebrates light triumphing over darkness, good over evil and it sure is a spectacle to behold.

For the more adventurous of you, we highly recommend taking a family walk through the woods - just remember your walking boots and raincoats. It truly is magical to walk through the wood and witness life slowing down, leaves crunching beneath your feet, picking conkers, and jumping in piles of leaves. Take in the fresh air and feel good about life. Many of our caravan holiday parks are surrounded by mountains, woods and the vast and beautiful countryside.

If you have young children, try a treasure hunt or nature trail. Fabulous fun, education, and a day they won't forget in a hurry. You can look for local trails or make one of your own; hiding clues for your children or grandchildren to follow is quite an experience.

For the days when the weather is off-putting, take it easy with a relaxing, creative afternoon of arts and crafts. Pick leaves and branches to add texture to pictures, drawings or even sculptures; learn a new skill - perhaps knitting or embroidery or map reading; paint or draw the scenery or even bake a cake.

We hope that if, nothing else, this list inspires you to make the most of your autumn getaway. Forget about the humdrum of life, work and school and enjoy this country as it is intended. Motivated to find your own cheap caravan holiday? For more information, look no further.

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