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So You’re Off To The Perfect Picnic Spot

  • 28th Mar 2014

So You’re Off To The Perfect Picnic Spot

When you are on holiday there are a million and one things you want to get done. Every now and then though it's good to give yourself a quiet day where you and your family can just sit and take it all in. What kind of quiet things can you do to keep everyone occupied and making the most of the holiday? Well, there are the obvious adventures you can have on bike rides and walking trails but there's much more besides. For example, imagine you're enjoying your holiday caravan in Stratford-upon-Avon, leisurely mornings followed by action-packed afternoons abound. Now imagine how apt it would be, whilst staying in the heart of England, to spend your holiday doing things that are close to England's heart. Things like picnics. Yes, picnics are a family favourite and a holiday in the heart of the country is the perfect time to enjoy one. To give you a helping hand when it comes to planning and having your picnic, here are some of the things you will need to make your picnic perfect:

Take Easy Eats

  • Try to keep the picnic as fuss-free as possible. Choose finger foods like sandwiches or other foods that don't need cutlery and don't take too much effort to eat
  • Keep everything organised and clean by using lightweight, resealable containers. If they are airtight they will help to keep everything fresh and prevent any possible leakages
  • Stay away from foods that are likely to spoil or make sandwiches difficult to eat, such as mayonnaise which won't fare well in the heat and will end up making sandwiches difficult to eat
  • Be conscious of the space available and the carrying needed for a picnic. Either find miniature versions of your favourite condiments or decant big jars and bottles into smaller ones. The tiny preserve jars you get in gift hampers are ideal so save what you get for Christmas, wash it out and use it for your spring and summer picnics

Always Be Prepared

  • Food is a very important part of your picnic but don't neglect what you will be eating off or drinking from. If you decide to use plates and utensils make sure they're green. You can get eco-friendly disposable plates, bowls, napkins and cups from a range of stores and they're perfect because they mean your won't have piles of washing up to lug back with you and you can relax knowing your picnic is planet friendly
  • Regardless of how much prep you do beforehand, you will likely need to do some form of chopping, slicing or peeling when you get there. Take a mini cutting board and a small cutting knife (properly covered with a blade guard for transport) so you can slice quiches, apples and such with ease
  • Keep a roll of kitchen paper towel on you. This may seem like unnecessary baggage for a picnic but there will be spillages, so it's best to be prepared for them
  • Think about post-picnic clean up. It is certain that there will be rubbish to clear up after your picnic so take some spare plastic bags with you to put the rubbish in. That way, even if your picnic site isn't near a bin you can leave it clean and litter-free

Tricks And Tips

  • Try and pick a bag or basket that is good quality, lightweight and roomy enough to fit everything in. It will make your life easier when carrying the picnic to and from the site
  • Blankets are a must to keep you cosy and comfortable at a picnic. If you're worried about keeping bottoms dry then invest in a blanket with a waterproof bottom
  • Keep things cool with ice packs or sandwich bags filled with ice. Hot days, the outdoors and no refrigerators all mean food can spoil easily. Even if the ice cubes start to melt, they will leave behind ice cold water to keep your sandwiches cool
  • Unless you plan on dining and dashing, you will need to take things to keep everyone occupied between bites. Books, magazines, footballs, Frisbees, music and a camera to capture the day's funny moments are all top of the list. If all else fails pick old favourites like iSpy, Hide and Seek and cloud watching

Menu Suggestions

British favourites include:

  • Scotch eggs, Cornish Pasties, Pork Pies and Quiche
  • Sandwiches, garden salads, cold curried chicken and cold cuts
  • Strawberries, apples, scones and easy-to-eat cakes like Battenberg
  • Flask of tea
  • Iced tea
  • Fresh lemonade
  • Icy infused water

But Mediterranean, Asian, Japanese and Mexican dishes as well as fruit platters are all good choices too

So there you have the ultimate guide to a holiday picnic. Now you just have to go and find the perfect spot!

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