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So You’re Off To The Cycle Path

  • 4th Apr 2014

So You’re Off To The Cycle Path

Holidays are a great opportunity to explore new places and discover new things. You can choose to have an action-packed break where you do everything and go everywhere within a reasonable distance of your campsite or you can decide to simply chill out and take in the sights. Whatever kind of pace you prefer, if you are having a caravan holiday in Worcestershire you'll be spoiled for choice. If you're looking for suggestions though, it is worth noting that the rolling Worcestershire countryside is perfect for exploring on a bike ride with your friends or family. Just in case you aren't sure what you need for an afternoon bike ride in the heart of England, here are some tips:

Health and Safety First

  • Take your driver's license or some other form of photo ID. On the off-chance you find yourself in an accident your photo ID will help allow emergency services to contact your loved ones and let them know you've had an accident. The photo ID should include: a photo of you, your name, your address, your contact number and an emergency contact's details. Keep the ID visible or easy to find
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone with you. If you get lost, hurt or your bike suffers an unfixable puncture then being able to call someone for help will make a difference
  • Take cash. Even if you always, always pay by card you may need to use a payphone (mobile batteries do die) or pay for a much needed drink at a shop that doesn't accept cards (yes, they still exist)
  • Take a lightweight rain jacket to protect you from the unpredictable elements, just roll it up tight so you can pop it in your backpack
  • Make sure you wear all the right safety gear: helmet, knee and elbow guards, high visibility bands or vests and if you're heading out and there's a risk you'll be cycling in the dark, make sure your bike has lights
  • Be prepared for anything. If you're planning a long ride or a journey over what could be rough terrain (rocks, shingles, forest debris) then take a flat tyre repair kit. Generally you don't need the full works for a leisurely bike ride but taking a basic repair and maintenance kit is always a good idea. These basic kits usually include: spare inner tube, tyre levers, a patch kit, a mini pump and a folding multi-tool

Hungry Tummies and Keeping Hydrated

  • You will be surprised how much of an appetite you can work up on a bike ride, especially if you have little ones with you. Heading into miles and miles of countryside will burn through the pancake breakfast you had in no time so make sure you have light snacks like protein or museli bars in your backpacks. They will stop tummies rumbling and give everyone a bit more energy to make it through the rest of the bike ride
  • Cycling is exercise and as with any exercise you have to make sure you keep hydrated. Make sure everyone has a bottle or two of water. It doesn't matter if they prefer squash, tap water or store bought mineral water - as long as they drink it throughout the bike ride

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

  • You are bound to see some beautiful sights and make some fun memories on your bike ride so make sure you charge and grab your camera before setting off. The whole point of going on a family holiday and sharing bike ride adventures is to make memories, so you may as well get a few snapshots on your camera or smartphone
  • Smartphones and cameras can also be invaluable tools. In the event of an accident, you can use them to take photos at the scene to be used as evidence of what happened

Plan For Pit Stops

  • Take a map and make sure you have some idea of where the public restrooms are along your route. When you are cycling for hours and rehydrating as you go, or if you have young children with you, nature is bound to call
  • If you have anyone willing to carry a blanket in their backpack, take one. Whilst not a necessity, it does mean that if you come across a nice spot you'd like to stop at or if everyone is starting to flag and in need of a break, you don't have to sit on wet or muddy spots

Of course, what you take on your bike ride depends on where you are going, who is going with you and how long you will be out. Tailor what you take to your family's needs and your specific bike ride but use these top tips as guidance. Then just hop on your two wheels and go explore the beautiful Worcestershire countryside!

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