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Shake Off Winter Cobwebs With A Spring Clean

  • 7th Apr 2015

Shake Off Winter Cobwebs With A Spring Clean

Winter can be the ideal excuse for those who need a bit of quiet relaxation. You can enjoy a near-constant flow of hot tea, make a blanket nest on the sofa and lose yourself in a good book; nothing too taxing.
However, not everyone can sit still in hibernation mode, especially those counting down the seconds until spring and summer, with their milder weather and longer days. If you happen to be one of these restless individuals, then you are likely to find that these last few weeks of winter are the longest and hardest of them all. Don’t worry though, as we have a suggestion that could help you get rid of those ants in your pants; spring cleaning.
Now, we appreciate that cleaning might not sound like a treat in itself. However, if you need something that not only keeps you occupied, but also helps to clear out those cobwebs of winter, spring cleaning is just the ticket. Plus, you don’t actually have to wait until spring to start.
An Allens Caravans residential park home makes for a wonderful home, but just like any bricks and mortar property, it can feel a little too cosy towards the end of a long stretch of being indoors. Windows shut tight to keep out the cold, heating turned all the way up, and the same old television series rerunning can all start to become a bit suffocating. So any excuse to get off the sofa, air the place out and freshen everything up is welcome.
So, we know that spring cleaning your park home is a good idea, but what are the first steps? Well, each home will differ, so we have listed just three general suggestions for spring cleaning yours.
Work inside out
Start indoors, working through your park home room by room. Predetermine your start and end spots, and get the inside to a point you’re happy with before moving onto the garden, shed, and home exterior. Chances are, the later you wait, the better the weather will be to work outside. Plus, you will notice the interior more than the outside, so prioritise your living space.
Set aside a whole day for the kitchen
The kitchen is likely to be the room that requires the most work and the most time. You will need to sort through food, use-by dates, and various other items. You will also need to deep clean everything, from the fridge and oven to the shelves and countertops. The sorting out will likely take a few hours, whilst the deep clean and putting things away will add several hours onto that. Don’t be overly ambitious, or you will rush and miss things.
Beeline your storage spaces

Storage spaces will be invaluable during your spring clean. As you clean out cupboards, drawers, boxes and the like, you will be able to see just how much you have been hoarding and how much extra space is available when you get rid of it. This means that as you move through the rest of the room and home, you will be able to clear surfaces because you will have ample space to put things. Storage spaces are often the most overwhelming to sort through too, so it makes sense to tackle them first.
Of course, these three suggestions are just a guide to get you started. The best way to spring clean your park home is to do so in an organised manner. Before you get stuck in, sit down with a notepad and make a plan. Where will you start? What is your system? Where will you store the bags and boxes of things to go to charity? Do you have a ruthless ‘used in the last six months or it goes’ rule?
These questions, and more, will need to be considered when drafting your system and plan of action; note that your plan of action should err on the side of caution because even with the best will in the world, you will not get everything done in one day.
Once you have drafted you plan, you can start working to your provisional schedule. Each day, as you clear space out and give the place a new lease of life, you will feel brighter, fresher and closer to the freedom of spring.

We look forward to seeing all of your clean and shiny caravans on our parks this spring. For further information on all of our parks, please visit our designated webpages over at

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