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Residential Park Homes: A Day in the Life

  • 18th Aug 2016

Residential Park Homes: A Day in the Life

Up and down the country there are people just like you, looking for somewhere beautiful, peaceful and homely to spend their retirement years. Our residential park homes are available at a number of different locations, and make ideal abodes for those looking to spend their free time relaxing, taking in the sights and enjoying life.

If you're thinking of a move into your park home in the near future, then keep reading. We've got a day in the life of our typical resident at Leedons Park, Worcestershire - nestled up next to the Cotswolds.

* * *

A Typical Day at Leedons

8.00am: I've always been an early riser and have witnessed many sunrises in my time, but nothing beats waking up to the sun rising over the beautiful Cotswolds scenery. After a healthy breakfast to start the day off right, it's time to take the dog for a walk. He loves the local area and being so close to the stunning countryside keeps him healthy.

9.30am: We're back from our walk, feeling good with a healthy glow and smiles all round. I make a cup of tea and sit down for half an hour to read a little while the dog snoozes and the husband reads his newspaper. It's so peaceful here; we feel blessed to wake up to this every day.

10.30am: It's time for a spot of gardening. The sun is shining, and my flowers need watering. The lawn needs a bit of a trim, so my husband will be getting the lawn mower out this morning before he spends the afternoon with the neighbours on the all-weather bowling rink. 

11.30am: Lunch is leftovers from last night - we had a roast chicken which makes for a delicious sandwich. Already thinking about what to make for dinner this evening, so I turn the computer on and use the Internet. We get high-speed broadband here, which is fabulous (it's perfect for keeping in touch with the family, too), to see what inspiration I can find before I head into the local village to pick up supplies later.

1.00pm: Life in a residential park home is great. We've made friends with many of our neighbours; there is such a strong sense of community. A few of us meet up in the social complex twice a week for a swim at the indoor pool, a slice of cake and a good old natter; I love that I can keep myself so active yet enjoy the holiday atmosphere all the same.

3.00pm: As it's the school holidays, we're off to pick up the grandchildren and take them into Stratford for a little bit of shopping to celebrate another successful school year. We love seeing them, and as we are close to much history and culture, we love sharing this with the next generation.

6.00pm: On the way home, we pick up supplies from the local butchers and supermarket. Buying local produce is a great way of supporting local farmers and businesses, so having it all in the village is very handy.

7.00pm: The grandchildren are happily making use of the games room while we prepare dinner. They love coming to stay; we take them on long walks through the hills and teach them how to use a compass, bike rides down country lanes and day trips out to our favourite places.

8.00pm: A little later than usual, but dinner is served. We all enjoy some quality family time and watch a DVD that the kids brought with them, about some superhero or another. Our home here is perfectly sized for us both, the dog and the occasional visit from the grandkids, we really couldn't ask for much more.

10.00pm: Bedtime! It's time to get to bed and rest ahead of an action-packed weekend; we're going fishing, exploring a nearby Castle and finishing the day at a show with our children joining us.

* * *

If the residential park life at Leedons captures your imagination, then turn the dream into a reality with Allens Caravans. With a broad range of facilities and amenities on-site (to keep the whole family entertained), you too could make your home in the Worcestershire countryside.

For more information, please contact our team on 01564 792323.

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