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Relaxation at Our Caravan Holiday Parks

  • 24th Aug 2017


When you get away for a week all that you want to do is to relax and take it easy, not having to worry about doing anything, and definitely not the usual day to day mundane tasks. At our caravan holiday parks, we encourage our guests to put their feet up and take it easy - allow us to take care of everything for you.

No matter when you visit our parks, you are invited to approach each day at your own pace, but none more so than on Tuesday 15th August, otherwise known as Relaxation Day. Worry not about any cooking or cleaning, or having to do anything at all - if you want to spend all day in bed then go ahead!

Everything You Need at our Caravan Holiday Parks

At all of our holiday parks, you will find on-site facilities with everything that you could need. Shops, cafés, restaurants and other essentials are all catered for. All that you need to do is arrive and make yourself at home.

All of our caravans are equipped with everyday essentials, such as a cooker, in case you don't want to take advantage of our restaurants, where you can enjoy a cold or hot meal at any time. We understand that different people have a different idea of what relaxation is, so feel free to enjoy your time at our caravan holiday parks whichever way you please.

Sitting in the Sun

As Relaxation Day falls right in the middle of summer, what better way to enjoy yourself than to take some time to sit out in the sun and work on your tan? Whether you set up camp in your own personal garden or sit poolside at any of our outdoor heated swimming pools, you will always be in the best place.

Maybe sitting still is not your forte? That's okay because our caravan holiday parks are all set in a glorious natural setting with acres of greenery that is perfect for long walks with friends and family. If you do set off on an adventure in the sun, please remember to apply and re-apply sun cream!

Staying with Allens

Whichever of our caravan holiday parks that you stay at, you will be guaranteed to enjoy the time away and be welcomed by a unique community of like-minded guests.

For more information on booking your caravan holiday, please call Allens on 01564 792323 today.

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