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Rainy Day Caravan Activities

  • 11th Apr 2017


When booking in and heading off to caravan holiday parks across the UK, we all have that enduring vision of perfect sunshine, blue skies, and t-shirt and shorts weather. However, the great British weather usually has other ideas, and the scorching holidays we dream of are often interrupted by grey skies, cloud cover, and rain.

Nevertheless, the threat of rain shouldn't be a deterrent - there are plenty of benefits to choosing a caravan holiday, and preparing rainy day activities just in case will prevent the holiday from becoming a washout.

Get Cosy in Your Caravan

When the weather isn't the greatest, sometimes all you feel like doing is curling up in your caravan and staying safe from the rain outside. A caravan holiday is perfect for relaxing - the ideal time for unwinding. Therefore, sometimes having a lazy day in your caravan can really help you to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Fill your day with your favourite ways to relax - get stuck into a good book, watch a film, or sharpen your mind by trying your hand at a few puzzles or brainteasers. If you are holidaying with family, why not organise a game of cards or crack out the board games? Rainy days in the caravan are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones; enjoying precious time spent in each other's company.

Rainy Day Attractions

If sitting inside is beginning to send you a little stir-crazy, get the family together and head out to one of the many attractions across the country that are perfect for rainy days. Museums and galleries are ideal. Some stately homes can also be enjoyed in wet weather, as long as you don't mind missing a soggy walk around the grounds!

If you are heading off to caravan holiday parks in an area you are unfamiliar with; we recommend doing a little research before you leave. This means that you will be readily prepared with a selection of great rainy day activities just in case the weather breaks.

Embrace the Rain

At the end of the day, is a little bit of water really going to hurt? Go for a woodland walk, using the tree cover to shield you from the worst of the weather. If the grandchildren are staying with you, get decked out in your raincoats and wellies and head out for a fun walk in the rain - you could even liven things up by getting the kids to jump in as many puddles as they can!

Don't let the great British weather put you off - book a stay at one of Allens' caravan holiday parks for a great getaway, whatever the weather! 

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