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Plan Your Half Term Getaway

  • 5th Feb 2016

Plan Your Half Term Getaway

luYour household members might have only just gone back to school and work, but we come bearing good news! There is just six week until half term; which can only mean one thing – you need to start planning your first getaway of the year.

What better way to celebrate surviving January than with a caravan road trip? Our range of holiday parks and caravan sites in the UK are suitable for families. Equipped with leisure centres and swimming pools, as well as local sporting facilities, museums and good old fashioned walks with Mum and Dad, there is plenty to do for all of you.

So, why wait? Give yourself something to look forward to, and we guarantee your family a well-deserved break. What’s more, with a holiday on the cards and just around the corner, the time will fly by and you’ll soon be sat with your feet up in one of our luxury holiday homes.

All of our Allens Caravans holiday destinations feature some of the most beautiful backdrops and scenery in the UK. However, we know that this isn’t always enough to keep the kids entertained. So, just in case you need a little helping hand with keeping them busy, we have put together a list of fun activities and games for the whole family to get involved in.

For sporting and active families, a team game tournament will be a fun bonding activity and will keep you on your toes, too!

Visit local museums and places of interest, most exhibitions are free or suggest a small donation

Have a film day, complete with popcorn and snacks. You can review them all together at the end of the day before watching a family favourite

A good old fashioned kite flying afternoon is fun and cheap

Making home-made pizza, cupcakes and nibbles is a great way to keep them busy – and you’ll know what they’re eating, too

Puzzles and board games are an excellent way to pass a few hours

As is creating engineering masterpieces with spaghetti and marshmallows!

Devise a treasure hunt around a local town to get your kids involved and to interact with their surroundings, instead of being glued to their phones and computer games

You might even have your own half term or holiday traditions that you can include on this getaway.

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, then perhaps ordering a brochure might be just what you need to picture the holiday you so desire next month? We look forward to seeing you.

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