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Organise Your Caravan Home

  • 30th Jan 2018


If you want your home to be organised and tidy, then Organise Your Home day on the 14th January 2018 is the perfect time to do it. For caravan homes, it can be a little tricky to get organised - although you have the time and space you might not know how to best organise your home.

It's not hard to understand why this can be difficult, you may have a lot of possessions that you want to keep but haven't got a clue as to how to organise it all. You don't want your home to look cluttered but everything you own is important to you. If this sounds like you then no need to fret as we have put together a few tips on how to best organise your caravan home.

Make the Most of Kitchen Storage Space

You might think that your cupboards are full, however, if you are only using them to store tinned food and smaller utensils then chances are, you have a ton of wasted space. You can resolve this by stacking tins or by using a multiple shelf caddy - this way, you will be able to find things easier and it will give you much more room to play with.

Label Any Wiring

If you have an ever-growing amalgamation of various different plugs it can be quite challenging to figure out which one is for what. Simply labelling them can make it so much easier for you to plug in what you need - not to mention how tidy it will look, too.

Use Drawer Dividers

If your bedroom always looks cluttered due to your vast collection of clothes (or your not-so-well hidden shopping addiction) it may be beneficial to introduce some drawer dividers. You can buy these or even make them out of cardboard and they can instantly revolutionise the way in which you store your garments. You will be able to fit much more in, find things a lot quicker and feel a lot more organised, too! Result.

Reorganise your Bookshelf

If you're an avid reader with stacks of books, you might often find yourself taking an absolute age to find a particular one amidst the mass. Reorganising your bookshelf and placing your literature in some form of order can do wonders for you next time you fancy a quick read - not to mention how therapeutic the whole exercise can be, too.

Label your Folders

Having dedicated folders for various documents is quite common in most households today - but we can often end up with several different folders for various different things which can get quite confusing  - labelling your files is a great way to allow you to identify its contents without having to rifle through each and every file first.

Use an Over the Door Hanging Bin

It can often be difficult to place the bin somewhere convenient whilst also out of the way. An easy solution for this is to place some hooks on the inside of a cabinet door and attach two bags to it; one for general waste and the other for recycling -  a surefire way to ensure that you stay organised even when getting rid of rubbish.

Looking for the Right Caravan Home?

If you're in search of the perfect caravan home for you then take a look at our list of great parks to find the right one for you, or alternatively, feel free to contact us directly on 01564 92323. 

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