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How To Have The Perfect Picnic

  • 29th Oct 2014

How To Have The Perfect Picnic

Whether you own your own holiday home or you just enjoy making the most of the odd luxury caravan holiday, you will no doubt enjoy simple pleasures associated with the great British caravan holiday like exploring the great outdoors and tucking into plenty of summer's day picnics.

How do you ensure you have the perfect picnic with Allens Caravans?

Well, as the saying goes: to each his own. There are, however, some key elements you need to consider when planning a picnic to remember.

Read on for more on how to have the perfect picnic.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Location, location, location. This is crucial to your picnic because where you choose to spend the day can impact how enjoyable it is overall. There is no "one" perfect picnic spot. The ideal place for you will depend very much on where you are in the country, what your personal preferences are and all sorts of logistical factors. If you are a sun-worshipping beach lover then your ideal picnic spot will probably be on a soft sandy beach or perched atop cliffs overlooking the coast. Alternatively, you may appreciate nature and be more comfortable in a shady wooded patch or a countryside meadow. Your mode of transport will also have a bearing on the location; do you want to hike to a secluded spot, or do you want to park the car close by? Further to this, you may even find yourself packing a picnic for a specific event like a concert or a play in the park. Just make sure you do some research and make an effort to find the perfect spot because having the right surroundings will set the day up right. Click here for the perfect picnic caravaning spots we have to offer!

Master the Perfect Menu

Food and drink is the mainstay of the picnic. A picnic without the perfect menu is just your average day out. But what food and drink makes the perfect picnic menu? Well easy-to-eat finger foods are your best bet because they take less effort and they work well with the relaxed vibe a picnic is supposed to create. Think along the lines of different sandwiches, perhaps some salad, chopped fruit and vegetable crudités. If you have enough space and plenty of ice blocks then you could even include things like cold meats and chicken drumsticks. As for drinks, you want to be sure you pack plenty of water to stay hydrated and you will also want to include tasty refreshing drinks like lemonades and iced teas. If you want hot drinks then be sure to get a thermos big enough and insulated enough keep water hot for a few hours. Take a smaller thermos to keep the milk cool, and don't forget to pack all the sundries like sugar, teabags, coffee granules and stirrers. When it comes to planning the perfect picnic menu you should always start off by making sure you have the right gear to keep food safe, fresh and temperature controlled. After all, your menu will only be good if you get it there in one piece.

Gather the Perfect Guests

Here at we believe keeping the right company is everything at a picnic. The food and drink may be a masterpiece and the backdrop could be the most beautiful spot in all of England, but if you aren't spending your al fresco dining time with the right people then it will all be wasted. Think about personalities and how well they work (or clash) together. Do you want to go for an intimate picnic as a couple or with a group of fun friends? Will you have lots of different age ranges to cater for at a family picnic? Whatever the group, make sure your guests all get on well together and that they are able to have fun, relax and converse without the need for forced stimulation or television. Also bear in mind, if you want a chilled out afternoon picnicking at the beach, don't invite rowdy people. Similarly, if you want to get out and about exploring the great outdoors then you will want to gather guests with the same interest. Really, whatever else happens at your picnic, as long as you have the right people there, it will be perfect.

These are just a few tips to consider if you want to plan the perfect picnic. Even if you are a seasoned picnic veteran, you can always use this as a checklist. After all, if you are having fun on a luxury caravan holiday, you will want to have that fun continue throughout the holiday; right down to every last (perfect) picnic. 

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