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How to have the perfect family holiday: Part 2

  • 21st Feb 2014

How to have the perfect family holiday: Part 2

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In our last post we discussed where to take the family on holiday so you already know that caravans are the new hotspot for family holidays in the UK. So this time let’s take a look how to have the perfect family break when you get there. Below are some great ideas for the whole family to get involved with, whatever the weather, whatever the time. These activities (below) are the kind of simple, no-frills fun that lets you and your loved ones concentrate less on hi-tech contraptions and more on enjoying spending time together…

Quiet Nights In

No matter how active you and your brood are, you will end up having at least one or two quiet nights in the caravan. When this inevitably happens make sure you don’t all sit in silence glued to your smartphones and tablets. Step away from the angry birds and do something together. Something like:

Games’ Night

Board games and charades are a great way to get everyone involved and having a laugh. They don’t need umpteen wires or ages to set up, they encourage creativity and communication and they can last all night (Monopoly anyone?). Plus, there is no one better to see you make a fool out of yourself than your family and if it puts a smile on their faces, all the better.

Family Film Night

Enjoy a big bowl of popcorn and a good film cuddled together on the sofa in your very VIP Caravan Cinema. You can all vote for a new, never-before-seen film or pick an old family favourite to get engrossed in. If you’re feeling a tad nostalgic then with a bit of forward planning you can screen old family movies instead – a great personal touch!

Party Up

One thing a holiday means is the chance to let your hair down. To you that might be something as simple as skipping the washing up for a meal or two but on the other hand it could be something as wild as dancing the night away at a party. Now, the good news is that having your own caravan means you can throw yourself a family-friendly shindig for everyone to enjoy, day or night:

A Barbecue Bash

A family has to eat, even (in fact, especially) after a busy day exploring and enjoying all that comes with a caravan holiday! So if the regular chicken salad or Spaghetti Bolognese doesn’t appeal then go for a disposable barbecue. Cheap, easy to use and easily gotten rid of they give you great tasting food without any of the fuss. Anyway, being on holiday means embracing the great outdoors and any good weather you’re lucky enough to have which means breaking out the barbecue and dining al fresco!

iPod Party Playlist

This is where the party starts. Load up an iPod with a selection of everyone’s favourite tracks (choose a 5-10 song limit so everyone has a fair share of the playlist) and plug it in to some portable speakers. Make sure the volume isn’t too loud as that would be unfair on your neighbours but make sure it’s lively enough to fill your caravan with a party vibe so you and yours can boogie all night (or at least until the kids’ bedtimes). Just make sure you all really get into it, have fun and let loose.

Amazing Adventures

A holiday means an opportunity to have adventures. They can be epic adventures of discovery or miniature adventures to kill time but they need to be had. Now, there is no need to channel your inner Indiana Jones and prepare your excursions with military precision because the adventure (and the fun) is in the people you are with and the new place you get to experience together. You won’t need James Bond gadgets or an ‘emergency kit’ fit for Everest. To have a family adventure there’s only two things you really need:


The only thing you really need to have amazing adventures is a pair of shoes each. Pop them on and step out of the door. Wherever you end up going – be it the local shop or a sprawling network of fields and footpaths – you will be on a family adventure. Have fun, laugh out loud, talk to each other and take it all in.

A Map

If you plan on going further afield then it would be a good idea to take a map (a paper map that doesn’t disappear if you lose battery or signal) with you. You can nominate someone to point at a random spot which will become your destination or you can simply head on out and just keep a track of what lefts and rights you take. Either way, the idea of this is freedom. Freedom to choose where you want go without having a particular plan or purpose. Just remember the map so you don’t end up lost instead of exploring.

All of these activities and adventures should keep everyone entertained for a while but if you want more inspiration then keep an eye out for our next post where we will talk about some great ways to have fun with the family at your caravan. In the meantime, why not get in touch with us and book a caravan ready for your family holiday?

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