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Get Prepared for Organise Your Home Day

  • 11th Jan 2018


If you want your home to be organised and tidy, then Organise Your Home Day is the perfect opportunity to get started. For caravan homes, it can be tricky to get everything in order. Although you have space, it can be tricky to know the best way to organise your home.

It's not hard to understand why this can be difficult. You have a lot of possessions that you want to keep but haven't got a clue how to organise it all. You don't want your home to look cluttered but everything you own is important to you. We have put together a few tips on how to best organise your caravan home.

Utilise Kitchen Cupboard Space

You might think that your cupboards are full, however, if they are only storing tinned food and smaller utensils then the chances are that you have a ton of wasted space. You can resolve this by stacking your tins or using a shelf caddy that has more than one shelf. You will be able to find things far easier and it will also give you more room.

Label Your Wires

If you have many different plugs, it can be difficult to know which one is for what. By labelling them, it will make it much easier for you to plug in what you need, and it will also look neat and tidy.

Use Drawer Dividers

If your bedroom looks cluttered due to the number of clothes you have, it might be beneficial to use some drawer dividers. You can buy them or make your own out of cardboard and they will revolutionise the way in which you store your clothes. You will be able to fit more in and it also gives you the chance to see what it is that you're getting out to wear.

Reorganise Your Book Shelves

If you're an avid reader with lots of books, you might find it difficult to find a specific one you are looking for. Reorganise your bookshelf and put them in an order that will make sense to you. Try organising by genre or name, but either way, you will be able to find the book you want, when you want.

Label Your Folders

It's often common to have various folders for different things. Rather than going through them all to find what you're looking for, labelling them will allow you to find what you need, and it will also enable you to file things away with ease.

Use an Over the Door Hanging Bin

It can often be difficult to place the bin somewhere that it won't be in the way. Place some hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors and attach some bags - have one for recycling and one for general waste. This is a great way to ensure that you stay organised even when getting rid of the rubbish.

If you're in search of the perfect caravan home, look at our list of parks to find the right one for you. Alternatively, you can contact us today for more information.

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