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Fragrant Ways to Freshen Up Your Holiday Home

  • 3rd Jul 2015

Fragrant Ways to Freshen Up Your Holiday Home

Many people favour spring and summer because of the longer days, balmier weather and ample opportunity to get outdoors. This is why so many of us spend weekends and short breaks escaping to holiday homes as often as possible.
With warmer days though comes an element of stuffiness, and as such, you will want lots of different ways to air out and freshen up your holiday home. At the same time as clearing the hot and humid air, you might want to freshen the space up with pleasant fragrances, to take away from less pleasant summer smells.
So, if you want to freshen up your holiday home this summer, read our top five tips below. These simple but effective methods of keeping your living space light, bright and airy will work a treat.
Herbs in the kitchen window

The kitchen is one spot with a seriously high concentration of different odours. Your morning bacon, elevenses coffee, fish for lunch and garlic-laden dinner can all linger for longer in the summer heat. Extractor fans can take the smells away, but you can add a subtle aroma with fresh herbs growing on your kitchen window. Use teacups, small pots, window planters and other such containers, and plant herbs with distinctive scents, such as lavender, rosemary, thyme and mint. As an added bonus, you can season your dishes with freshly cut sprigs, all within arm’s reach.
Floral fragrances

Freshly cut flowers are a wonderful addition to any living space; the lounge windowsill, the dining room table, the bedroom dresser. With such an array of beautiful species and stunning colours, they offer a lovely decorative touch, and some fresh cut flowers are so fragrant that the air will be positively floral! Flowers like Freesias, Hyacinths, Lavender and Lilacs have distinctive scents whilst classics such as Lilies, Peonies and Sweet Peas can add aesthetic and aromatic appeal too.
Scented candles

A failsafe way to freshen up the air is to use scented candles, which work well at any time of day. You can have them burning in the background during the day, or use them to create a cosy or romantic ambience at night. There are endless possibilities as far as the different scents available are concerned, with everything from food-inspired scents, to floral fragrances, and even fresh cotton or “beach” inspired smells. Just place them strategically and light them up, then let them do the hard work.
Now, these are just three ways to freshen up your Allen's holiday home with pleasant fragrances this spring and summer. There are plenty more you can choose from, and if all else fails, open the windows wide.

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