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Five Weekend Retreats for Water-Lovers

  • 21st Apr 2015

Five Weekend Retreats for Water-Lovers

If you have ever looked into a weekend waterside break, a short cruise or an immersive fishing trip, you are likely to have seen the abundance of activities and destinations on offer across the pond. From the Floridian and Californian coastlines to the ice-fishing and white water rafting hotspots of the American Mid-West, the USA is a haven for all water-lovers.
Of course, hopping on a plane and scooting across the Atlantic isn’t always a viable option for a weekend break or a short holiday, regardless of how adventurous you’re feeling or how in need of an escape you are. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives right here in the UK.
We are proud to have our luxury caravan parks in Wales and England, conveniently located in proximity to some of the most stunning waterside locations and attractions the UK has to offer. Many of these cruises, coastlines and fishing hotspots are just as (if not more) attractive than their American counterparts, and with them right on the doorstep of your holiday home, you really can’t go wrong.
So read on to see our top five picks of weekend retreats for water-lovers.
Swallow Falls, North Wales
Niagara Falls may be one of the world’s most iconic waterfalls, but it is by no means the only one out there. North Wales is famous for its stunning natural landscape, with mountains, rivers and waterfalls carved into it over millions of years. Swallow Falls at Betws y Coed, and a host of other awe-inspiring waterfalls call North Wales home, and they are all in easy distance from our Sunbeach Park.
Punting in the Cotswolds, Oxford

Long-haul cruises may be a great way to sail around Europe, Asia or the Florida Keys; after all, your accommodation, transport and entertainment are all rolled into one easy package. However, cruises can be an expensive habit, and if you prefer tailor made trips, you might find the static itinerary a little limited. Punting in the Cotswolds though, specifically the city of Oxford, will give you your fix of life afloat, whilst offering you freedom to explore the city and surrounding area.
The Lake District, Northwest England
The Great Lakes of the United States are a sight to behold. Ancient, astoundingly deep and incomparably large, they are a superb example of the size and scale of America’s natural topography. Water sports, fishing, and walks along the shorelines are all popular pursuits, whilst businesses and communities have thrived beside them. The Lake District in England’s Northwest plays host to some equally impressive lakes; Lake Windermere being one of the most iconic. Our Lake District, as well as being a better choice logistically speaking, has the added bonus of rolling countryside and pretty villages nestled among majestic peaks and lakes.
Overstone Lakes Fishing, Northamptonshire
Whether you’ve seen it in a movie, read about it in a magazine or heard all about it through your next door neighbour’s collection of holiday snaps, fishing trips in the US are something else. Picture big boats taking groups out on the open waters, the quintessential Floridian coastline providing a backdrop, and the promise of a completely chilled out break where you “catch a big one”; this is the epitome of bliss.
Of course, that kind of bliss costs a pretty penny, and when you can enjoy the same super fishing experience, surrounded by the lush green British countryside, whilst sleeping in a luxury lodge on steady ground, why go anywhere else? The fishing facilities at our wonderful Overstone Lakes park in Northamptonshire are second to none, and the accommodation, onsite facilities and natural backdrop are just as, if not more beautiful than anything on offer elsewhere. Plus, this kind of fishing trip is far more practical and cost-effective than some alternatives. Follow this link and have a look at how gorgeous Overstone Park is!
Barmouth Beach, North Wales - See image
Malibu is one of the most desirable destinations in the world, with its golden sands, deep blue water and fun surfing culture. Just because this is a beach fit for the Beach Boys though, doesn’t mean it hasn’t got stiff competition elsewhere. Barmouth beach in North Wales is a beautiful seaside location, with the rugged terrain behind and the crystal blue skies and waters in front. Little fishing boats, water sports, and even marine wildlife make this beach town the ideal spot for water lovers.
These five retreat ideas are just an example of the wonderful waterways and destinations across the UK. Many are hidden treasures that you can discover at your own pace, whilst others are more iconic. However, all are well worth a visit, especially when you consider how time-efficient and cost-effective it is to get the same great experience you could elsewhere.
Just get in touch with Allens Caravans today to see what wonderful holiday homes we have on offer near your preferred watery hotspot. We are always happy to help you get to know an area, as well as what is on offer there, and what it is like at the park you will be calling home for the duration of your break.

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