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Fishing Holidays: Who, What, When, Where and Why

  • 9th Sep 2014

Fishing Holidays: Who, What, When, Where and Why

Fishing holidays with Allens Caravans in the UK can be great fun, but before you venture off, have you got everything you need? There's nothing worse than reaching your destination to find that you've forgotten your mobile or realising that you forgot to give your friend directions to come and meet you. To help you organise your trip, we have compiled a short guide to the ‘who, what, when, where and whys' of fishing holidays. 


Some people like to take a close friend or a few family members to keep them company on their trip while others prefer to have some alone time during their stay away from home. This means it is your choice, dependent on what you feel is going to benefit you the most. It is important to remember that a fishing holiday is a time to wind down and relax by the river so think about who you feel relaxed around; the worst thing to do is take someone who makes you feel stressed because it means you won't enjoy your trip as much.


This can mean one of two things; what are you going to do during your fishing holiday and what are you going to take with you, so let's look at both. To begin with, while fishing holidays are pretty laid-back, you need to have some sort of schedule in place to keep you organised and ensure you do things that enhance the experience and make the most of every second. Being organised might mean visiting a few fishing locations and making a record of how many fish you catch or keeping a routine i.e. wake up at 9am, have breakfast and head down to the river bank to fish.

Moving on, you need to take the basic essentials with you including soap, deodorant and other toiletries, as well as food that won't go off during travel (unless you're planning to visit a local supermarket)  and all of your fishing gear. You may also want to consider taking other supplies such as a torch and matches. Remember, what you take is important because it will have an impact on how prepared you are for anything that may crop up whilst away.


Summer is a popular season for fishing holidays but if you're going to be sitting out in the sun remember to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen, being sure to re-apply it regularly. Alternatively, you can sit in the shade to stay cool. If you haven't booked a summer fishing holiday yet, you can book a last minute caravan holiday with us at one of our excellent fishing sites by clicking here now!


If you are a bit unsure as to location, why not come and visit one of our sites? We offer the chance to buy or hire a holiday home during your visit and we have a number of parks that offer residential private fishing including Severnside and The Springs, both of which are in Worcestershire. Please feel free to browse through our parks to find the most ideal location for your holiday needs.


Here's the big question: why go on a fishing holiday? Well aside from the idyllic scenery, it is incredibly peaceful and can be as social or as solitary as you like. Fishing holidays also allow you to spend some quality time with the ones who mean the most; to keep things lively you can turn it into a light-hearted competition for who can catch the most fish. In addition, fishing holidays let you soak up the glorious summer sun and learn more about the sport while helping you to forget the stresses of everyday life.

If you'd like to enquire about booking a holiday with or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us today through our website. We would be happy to help in any way we can and we hope you have a great summer! 

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