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Festival Season

  • 3rd Oct 2014

Festival Season

Although music festivals are often considered a haven for the latest tracks and a whole host of youngsters, over 50's are equally entertained by the roaring atmosphere. Nowadays those over 50 don't think twice about going to see their favourite band or artist; at a festival or otherwise. 

According to Caravan Times, 20% of this age group plan to attend a UK music festival this summer. In addition, 36% of over-50 attendees plan on camping overnight, with 10% planning to stay in their motorhomes whilst an impressive 14% plan on utilising their trusty caravans.

Roger Ramsden, Chief Executive of Saga Motorhome Insurance (conductors of the poll) commented "The staycation's popularity has rocketed in recent years, as has the variety of breaks on offer nationwide. With festival season upon us, what better way is there to enjoy the British summertime than by heading to one of these events?"

"It shouldn't be a surprise that so many festival-goers are over 50, as a large number of bands playing are in the same age group."

He also explained the benefits of staying in a caravan or motorhome instead of a tent. "Heading to Glastonbury or Reading and staying in either a motorhome or a caravan is a wholly sensible way to soak up the atmosphere. At the very least, you'll avoid a waterlogged tent if the skies open."

Do you plan on attending any festivals or concerts this year? Will you be staying in a caravan or motorhome? Visit our website to see the finest in holiday homes and parks today!

Of course, if you'd prefer to stay clean and dry during festival season you could always hire out a holiday home and stay at a caravan park nearby. Not only will this keep you away from the rain, it's also ideal if you don't want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of late night and early morning festival life.

In addition, a caravan provides you with the benefits of clean water and essential facilities to keep you going throughout the night. Imagine having your own toilet instead of having to traipse across a field when you're desperate in the middle of the night. Lastly, if you prefer to make the most of your daylight hours, a caravan will keep you away from the night-owls in the next tent who don't stop talking; so you will be able to get a good night's sleep!

If you're planning to attend a festival near an Allen's Caravans park, why not hire out a holiday home and secure your place (and comfort) in advance. If you'd like to enquire about one of our parks or if you have any questions regarding price, location etc. please get in touch with us today for more information. We would be happy to help in any way that we can and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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