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Fall in Love with a Caravan Holiday

  • 10th Feb 2017


The caravanning lifestyle is one filled with nostalgia and romantic notions. From long, hazy summer days to fond childhood memories, the humble caravan holiday has always been a staple component of British culture.

It is these enduring thoughts that make the idea of a caravan holiday so appealing. Just think - sitting in a warm and cosy caravan with your loved one, a glass of wine in hand - what could be better?

Planning a Caravan Holiday for Valentine's Day

With the atmosphere of romance already so strong, it's a good idea to make the most of the moment and plan a getaway for Valentine's Day this year. Treat your partner to a caravan holiday break in our Sunbeach holiday park for the perfect romantic trip.

Our Sunbeach caravan holiday park is situated amongst stunning countryside in Wales, providing the perfect country backdrop to your scenic getaway. 

One of the best things about caravan holidays is their relaxing nature. A caravan holiday affords you the luxury of being able to completely escape from the hectic reality of everyday life and spend a blissful few days recharging your batteries. Caravan holidays are the perfect opportunity to take the time just to do exactly what you want to do and completely relax with your loved ones. Whether it's going for long countryside walks in the fresh air with your dog, or visiting a nearby castle or stately home, there is always something fun to do on a caravan holiday.

Boosting the Romance

For couples looking to get some precious time away together, a caravan holiday is the perfect budget break. After all, you don't need to fly out to exotic destinations for a memorable holiday when your next perfect break is waiting on the doorstep!

A caravan Valentine's break also gives you plenty of options to really boost the romance. Treat your loved one to a fantastic day out then finish off the day in style with a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. You could even try your hand at cooking a Valentine's Day meal from scratch in your caravan, to really show them how much you care. Pair their favourite meal with a bottle of wine and add a few candles or a bunch of beautiful red roses for added effect.

Escape the rush of everyday life and treat your loved one to a caravan holiday for the ultimate romantic getaway this Valentine's Day. 

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