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Dog Holiday Safety Tips

  • 17th Aug 2015

Dog Holiday Safety Tips

If you’re planning to treat your pooch to a getaway in your holiday home on one of Allens Caravan’s pet-friendly sites, be it Overstone Lakes, Severnside or Sunbeach, you may be wondering how you can keep your pet safe and cool in the end-of-summer heat.
Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice bringing your pet along, just simply that there are a few things to keep in mind during your stay, such as the tips listed below.
Avoid Car Journeys at Peak Times
If you aren't thinking of staying on site a few days during your stay, it’s worth considering the forecast before you jump into the car with your pooch to head off for a day of activities.
Cars can get extremely hot, especially if the air-con decides to stop working halfway through your journey, and with a full car, trips at peak times are not ideal for dogs.
Instead, consider setting off early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid an unhealthy pooch and unhappy passengers.
Keep it Cool
If you do need to travel a long way, remember to keep the air flowing in the car, by cracking a window or using portable blinds, to keep your pup in the shade for the majority of the journey.
You may sense that your dog is struggling to cool down, in which case it is advisable to take a rest from the car and use wet towels and plenty of water to keep them happy and hydrated.
Take Them with You

Sadly, a high number of holiday goers often forget this golden rule for keeping pets safe and sound on journeys; take them with you!
If you aren’t planning to pop your dog on the leash at the beach, they would be better off at home where it’s cool. Leaving pets in cars can prove to be fatal, so plan your trip fairly, around your pet.
With these three pet holiday safety tips in mind, you can enjoy a relaxing break in the company of man’s best friend. Follow this link to see our exclusive parks and residential homes.

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