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Choosing the Best Hire and Touring Caravan Sites for Your Holiday

  • 3rd May 2018


For those who enjoy the leisurely pace of a caravan holiday, is there really anything better than arriving at your destination, unpacking, then sitting down to relax with the knowledge that the entirety of your holiday is stretching out in front of you?

Although there are clear differences between static and touring caravans, hired holiday caravans and your own personal tourer, this feeling remains the same across the board. Similarly, regardless of your choice of static or touring caravan sites, once the hard work is done, you will know that you are free to make the most of your getaway.

However, for many, there is a great deal of careful planning and consideration required to reach this point. When you are in the initial stages of planning your next trip, there is one essential question which you absolutely must answer - which caravan site is best for me?

Of course, there are many pros and cons to individual sites, and what one person dislikes may actually be another's best touring caravan site. So, taking subjectivity into account, how can you work out the best destination and the top site for you? We're here to help!

Prime Location

Arguably the most important deciding factor, the location of the site is a key point which must be taken into consideration. However, there are countless sites and parks dotted around the country here in the UK alone, so picking the perfect location to meet your needs can understandably be a challenge.

Although there are many factors which will influence your eventual choice of a particular location, it's important to consider what that area can offer you. For instance, if you are a fan of action-packed breaks away from the hustle and bustle of city living, touring caravan sites in North Wales are guaranteed to be a good fit for you. With a stunning coastline, awe-inspiring mountains and plenty of picturesque countryside scenery, it's no wonder why Wales make an ideal destination for many holidaymakers.

Another location-based factor to keep in mind is the site's proximity to essentials. Whether you prefer a park with good transportation links and easy connections to major roads or you are looking for a site with a great beach within walking distance, it's important to bear these individual requirements in mind. One good way to achieve this is to create a checklist of everything that you want from a caravan site. That way, you can then work through it, crossing items off, until you find a park that ticks all of your boxes.

What to Do

Another important consideration to bear in mind is the quality and standard of the site in question. What facilities are available at the site? Is there any entertainment? And, most importantly, do the facilities match up to what you want to get out of your trip?

Of course, as nice as the site may be, you won't want to spend all of your time there. It's important to make sure that the area around your chosen site has plenty of activities, amenities and things to do which match your own interests and preferences, as well as those of any friends or family members who will be accompanying you.

Whether it is coastal walks, beaches to relax on, woodland strolls or wonderful countryside views, the UK is filled with an array of outstanding natural wonders to experience. After all, what better way to get to grips with nature than by enjoying a caravan holiday?

In addition, there are plenty of historical sites and heritage attractions dotted around the country, just waiting to be explored on a fun-filled day out! Even areas you may not initially associate with a getaway can actually make for a lovely trip. Touring caravan sites in the Midlands, for example, offer a handy centralised base from which to explore more of the heart of the country. What's not to love?

Try to pick out a few wet-weather options too, as we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be! Avoid your holiday being dampened by an onslaught of unseasonable weather by planning a series of exciting rainy-day activities to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Consider a Personal Touch

Last but certainly not least, you will need to work out if the site you have your eye on makes a good fit for everyone in your group. Whether you are holidaying with your partner, as a family or group of friends, or experiencing a solo getaway, each of these different options will bring a host of unique requirements. For instance, if you will be bringing children, it's important to pick a park with plenty of family-friendly activities and days out close by. Similarly, those with dogs will first need to ensure the site is pet-friendly, yet it should also have plenty of opportunities for those all-important walks in and around the area!

Aside from this, it makes sense to consider the duration of your stay and the distance that you are willing to travel. After all, if you are only looking for a weekend getaway, logic dictates that you won't want to travel too far from home in order to maximise the time that you do have available to you. Alternatively, if you have a much longer getaway planned, the UK is yours to travel!

While we are firm fans of touring caravans and all the benefits that this unique lifestyle can bring, we also understand that sometimes, it's nice not to carry your home with you wherever you go. Here at Allens Caravans, we also have a range of holiday homes and static caravans available to hire at a selection of our parks. Providing the perfect alternative to touring caravans, our Sunbeach park in stunning North Wales makes for an enjoyable holiday amongst the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Alternatively, a stay in a luxury holiday home at The Springs is sure to help you relax and unwind.

No matter where you choose to go, make this summer one to remember with an unforgettable caravan holiday!

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