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Caravan Holidays for All Ages

  • 18th May 2017


There was a time when caravanning was only endeavoured by the connoisseur, the country bunnies, hiking heroes and caravan holiday park professionals. How times have changed. UK caravan holidays are now a much more fashionable way to discover the delightful British wilderness.

Holiday caravans now appeal to people of all ages, bringing a diverse community to parks. With everything you need all accessible on the holiday park and inside the caravan, it is no different to a hotel, but much more cost effective. With self-catering kitchens inside the caravan, attractions nearby and complete evening entertainment on your doorstep, you can eat, explore and enjoy yourself, all on a low budget.

Caravan holiday parks are now more of a lifestyle destination than just accommodation. The destination attracts all age ranges for different reasons. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday, a fun holiday or an exploring holiday, a caravan park has the tools for just the job.

Caravan Holidays for Children

You don't need to drag the kids on a plane, force them into eating strange foreign foods or make them suffer in the sweltering sun, forever finding shade, just to have a family holiday. Jump in the car and get down to a caravan holiday park for the perfect and family vacation.

There are children's parks situated on the caravan estates, right on your doorstep, for the little ones to run around and let off some energy. Coastal locations usually have a beach just a few minutes' walk away, so grab a bucket and spade, a few towels and a picnic and they will be entertained all day. Evening BBQ's outside the caravan allow for a wide open space to enjoy dinner in while the kids play, and you can even watch the sunset while you eat a burger.

Caravan Holidays for Teenagers

Casting off the shackles from your teenager to their bedroom can be a difficult one. A caravan holiday park is a perfect location to keep them entertained, away from technology, TV and their dark and gloomy pit. They can explore the outdoors, discover the world again and you have an undisrupted opportunity to bond with them

Holiday parks are equipped with games rooms and evening entertainment to amuse them. Swimming pools are on site just steps away from the caravan; this means they can be given independence to go off for a swim or sunbathing (if the unpredictable British weather allows for it).

Caravan Holidays for Adults

If you are looking for a relaxing adult holiday, a caravan holiday park is an ideal place for tranquil and relaxing holidays. Exploring the countryside that surrounds UK holiday parks will refresh your mood, clear your head and allow you to explore the great outdoors. Scenic walks, peaceful picnics and even a glass of bubbly outside the caravan beneath the stars. Sounds like heaven.

So, wherever you live, whoever you are and whatever your family situation, get in contact to book your stay in one of Allens' Caravan Holiday Parks for an incredible vacation, half the price and double the fun of going abroad.

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