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Can Anyone Buy a Park Home?

  • 13th Sep 2018


Life in a park home is the aspiration of some individuals. It's not hard to see why, either, as the lifestyle offers a close-knit community and all the necessary amenities such as shops, doctors and dentists within a 1 or 2-mile radius. If that wasn't enough, there are also high-quality entertainment and club facilities on site.

Most residential parks have management available on site which offers peace of mind from anti-social behaviour or general queries. Our sites also have excellent security, with some including CCTV, vehicle registration and parking permits, so residents can enjoy a relaxed, carefree lifestyle.

With the beautiful park homes available to purchase and a number of award-winning residential sites across the country, it's not difficult to see why over 250,000 residents have chosen the park home life in the UK.

What is a Park Home?

Park homes are purpose-built, detached bungalow-style homes that are officially classed as a type of mobile home. However, they are far from 'mobile' and so careful consideration should be taken on where you plan to site your park home, as moving again can be a very costly and involved process. 

Modern park homes must be built to current British Standards, which includes a guarantee that they are durable, weatherproof and safe for permanent residence. Once you are connected in your new location, you'll have access to all the necessary amenities such as electric, gas and water. Most park homes are purchased as a fully-furnished unit, including all fixtures, furniture and fittings such as carpets, soft furnishings and a full kitchen with common kitchen appliances. Modern park homes will be thoroughly insulated and energy-efficient which contributes to lower energy bills while still helping residents feel cosy all year round.

However, park homes can also be built to suit your specific requirements. Whether you want an en-suite bathroom, garage or wrap-around deck, you can completely customise your new home - although it's worth a reminder that this will be reflected in the final cost.

Who Can Buy a Park Home?

Anyone can buy a park home! There are no restrictions on who can buy a park home, although buyers are recommended to check all their preferred residential park home sites to ensure they are eligible to live there, prior to finalising any order or purchase. For instance, some parks are solely reserved for mature residents, giving them space for private, independent living.

Can I Live in a Park Home?

Many people who choose to live in a park home do so because they wish to live in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. They might wish to feel a sense of belonging, with a pre-built community which residential parks are the ideal place for. Alternatively, they may be a retired individual looking to downsize for a home with less maintenance and monthly expenditures so to enjoy more spare time and financial freedom.

There are many personal reasons for choosing to live in a park home and while there is no restriction on purchasing or owning a park home, it will depend on the residential site as to who can be accommodated.

Buying a Park Home

If you have made the decision to live in a park home and decided on where you'd like to live, it's time to choose your park home for purchase. There are several ways for the process to play out:

                Buying a Pre-Existing Park Home - This is the most common option of purchasing a park home - you have chosen your site and there is a park home available for sale. Make sure to check out the park home build and the finer details such as average bill cost and build date. Also, explore the area around your preferred park home site and check distances to necessary facilities such as doctors' surgeries, shops and travel connections.

                Buying a Brand New Park Home - If the residential park site you have chosen to move into has empty pitches available, you'll have to choose a new park home to buy which will be sited on location. The residential park management company may have a showroom available with a small selection of pre-built park homes to choose from, otherwise, you'll need to speak to a manufacturer (the park management will be able to recommend their trusted firms). While this gives you a greater opportunity to create a park home customised to your specifications, it can result in a greater cost compared to buying a pre-existing park home.

Eco-Friendly Life

Moving to a park home also offers a unique additional benefit - the chance to reduce your carbon footprint. Nowadays, many modern park homes are manufactured using sustainably-sourced materials in comparison to the traditional brick and mortar home. Some park homes have even set up rainwater collectors and solar panels to enable residents to live more self-sufficiently.

What Else Should You Consider Before Buying a Park Home?

Before purchasing a park home, make sure you have fully researched and contacted any potential residential park home sites you would like to live on. There may be age restrictions in place or the site may not be licensed for residential use throughout the entire year. Being prepared can save you hassle further down the line and ensure your move goes smoothly without incurring extra costs.

Life in a park home is ideal for some individuals. Not only do they offer a more affordable and manageable way to live, but often, they also have pre-existing communities which offer a great sense of belonging. If you are considering park home life, why not visit one of our residential park sites and see what attracts some of our long-term residents?

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