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April Showers: What To Do Indoors

  • 2nd Apr 2015

April Showers: What To Do Indoors

So, spring has finally shown up and April is bridging the gap between the chilly end to winter and the mild summer to come. Of course, it’s not all plain sailing as we go into the mild though, as April showers are almost always certain to make an appearance.

For some, even formidable spring downpours won’t be enough to deter them from discovering the great outdoors, but many of you will want to find ways to entertain yourselves indoors on the days the showers hit. That is why we have come up with the following ideas.

Below are some great suggestions for indoor activities and experiences you can enjoy during April deluges; there is one idea per relevant county, so whichever one of our caravan parks you visit across the UK, you will have some inspiration. Just find your park of choice and start creating your itinerary.


When in Shakespeare’s country, it is only polite to go and see some Shakespeare. Warwickshire is a charming county, boasting lots of rural towns and pretty countryside, but Stratford-Upon-Avon is one of the county’s crowning jewels. A trip along the river, a wander around the historical sites, and a show at the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Swan Theatre are all-weather activities you can enjoy.

N. Worcestershire

North Worcestershire is teeming with historical and cultural significance, meaning there is plenty to do, indoors and out. Avoncroft open-air museum is especially worth the visit, with over 25 historic buildings which have been dismantled and reconstructed at the site for your viewing pleasure. There are also several special collections and ongoing projects to discover, so although you may need a brolly to dash between the buildings, you will have plenty to keep you busy all day.

S. Worcestershire

There are plenty of sites of historical significance to explore in the south of the county, but if you are looking for somewhere warm and cosy near our parks, look no further than The Fleece Inn, in Bretforton, near Evesham. A traditional English pub in every sense of the word, The Fleece Inn is a great place to enjoy a drink, get involved in a special event, or enjoy some live folk and acoustic music.


Northamptonshire is a great county that offers something for everyone, and for those in need of indoor activities that provide them with a new experience as well as a culture and history fix, 78 Derngate is ideal. Outside of Scotland, this is the only Rennie Mackintosh home found in this condition. You can explore the style and uniquely distinctive designs of Mackintosh, and it is a great opportunity to nose around the house.

North Wales

Last but not least, is North Wales. Our Sunbeach Park sits on Cardigan Bay, with its own beach frontage and plenty of outdoorsy things to be getting on with. But what can you do if it’s pouring outside and you want to stay warm and dry as you keep yourself busy? A cosy night in at one of the oldest and most interesting pubs in North Wales won’t go amiss. The Last Inn in Barmouth is full of character, unique in that it is built into the mountain, boasts an indoor spring, features inglenook fireplaces, and live music.

These five locations, and the parks within them, are some of the finest in the UK. The history, culture, adventure and natural beauty as far as the eye can see is only made better by the luxury accommodation and top notch facilities onsite.

So don’t avoid enjoying a spring break on account of April showers; just dodge them by making the most of the different indoor activities on offer. Regardless of which Allens park you stay at, there will be something to keep everyone entertained.

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