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A Very British Summer: Foodie Edition Vol. I

  • 1st Aug 2014

A Very British Summer: Foodie Edition Vol. I

Here at we know that afternoon tea is a British institution, recognised the world over as a symbol of quintessential English life. It evokes images of genteel people enjoying summer afternoons in pretty English gardens, usually indulging in cucumber sandwiches, cake and a pot of Earl Grey. Afternoon Tea has been this way since the 19th century and even now, there is something inherently charming about it.

The comforting taste of proper tea, the delicate little triangular sandwiches and the pleasure of a clotted cream laden scone all manage to make the British summer a little bit better - and a little bit more British!

Here is our recommendation for the perfect Afternoon Tea which you can enjoy on a picnic, at the beach or in the comfort of your holiday home:

Menu I: Afternoon Tea

Sandwiches - Scones - Iced Tea - Fudge


A British favourite and perhaps one of the easiest foods to make, sandwiches can be filled with whatever you fancy. Traditional fillings include egg and cress, ham, salmon or cucumber but you can be as inventive and adventurous as you want. Click here for 50 great ideas for Afternoon Tea sandwich fillings.  


Scones are an iconic British cake and they can come in all shapes and sizes. They're suitable for both a sweet and a savoury tooth as you can choose from fruit, plain or even cheese. Traditionally a fruit scone would be topped with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream...they might even be topped with fresh strawberries! If you fancy getting good use out of your holiday home kitchen and making your own scones from scratch. Click here for a classic British get away with Allen's caravan parks today!

Iced Tea:

Traditionally, Afternoon Teas include pots of hot teas like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green or Fruit varieties. However, when the summer sun is beating down and you are basking in its rays you are more likely to fancy a refreshing ice cold beverage than a pot of something hot. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the tea altogether though. Iced tea is just as tasty as the usual stuff, but it is far more refreshing on hot and sticky afternoons. Here is a fantastic recipe for simple iced tea.


Afternoon Tea does not include confectionary as a rule, but there's nothing nicer than a bite of something sweet when you're sat enjoying the evening sun after a long day of holidaying. Fudge is one of the world's favourite sweets, with its silky smooth texture and being soft enough that it melts right there in your mouth. To make your own vanilla fudge, try this recipe.

This menu is perfect if you need traditional British cuisine to enjoy on your luxury caravan holiday with Allen's Caravans this summer. What is even better is that this menu can be enjoyed all year round, just by swapping a few key ingredients (like swapping iced tea for hot tea). So you can enjoy Afternoon Tea whatever time of year you are on holiday. Bon appetit! 


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