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A Very British Christmas

  • 17th Nov 2014

A Very British Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and if anyone knows how to celebrate this global festivity, it’s us Brits. Every year, we lavish our homes with twinkling lights, flashing exterior decorations and of course, an intricately trimmed Christmas tree.

However, if you want to take the idea of a British Christmas one step further, there are a few things that us in Allens Caravans think that you can do to show your Great British pride.

From painting the driveway to hanging flags in the window, there are plenty of weird and wonderful ways to transform your residential park home into a Christmassy British haven.

So, if you’re interested in using the Great British theme this year, read on and see how to make it work with the Christmas spirit we all know and love. Click here for fantastic caravan Christmas breaks!

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is very important for a British Christmas. You need to make sure your park home uses the traditional British colour palette of red, white and blue. You can incorporate these colours by using tree decorations or investing in tinsel and bunting to hang around picture frames and the home.

If you want to take it one step further, you could dedicate an entire wall to a painted or hanging flag. This will be an all-season decoration that truly shows your pride for Great Britain.


Moving onto decorations, you really are spoilt for choice. With a collection of quintessential knick-knacks, flags, and posters, there is so much you can do to turn your park home into a British hub.

If you want to go all-out with the decorations though, you could even swap your current tableware for Great Britain-themed cutlery and plates. These can be found online, along with a few other special ornaments that will add a unique touch to the current décor of your residential park home. Read here for great deals on park home holidays!

Get in the Spirit

Lastly, getting in the spirit is important when it comes to creating a British Christmas. To set the mood, consider inviting your neighbours over to share in the celebrations, and invest in a few classic music tracks to start the evening off right.

If you are going down the party route, you could cook a couple of truly British meals and treats for your guests to share alongside the chit-chat and dancing.

As for dress code, you could set a theme where all guests have to attend in Union Jack colours or as their all-time favourite British movie hero.

Finally, to top the evening off, you and your neighbours could settle down to watch a couple of British movie classics. Not only will a British Christmas party help to foster relationships within Allens residential park community, it will prove to be a great evening for everyone involved.

These are just three ways you can celebrate a very British Christmas in your park home. Do you have any others you would like to share? 

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