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Leedons Residential Park: Tingdene Dolben Lodge

12th Jan 2015

Set against a striking countryside backdrop, Leedons Residential Park is conveniently situated just ten minutes' walk away from Broadway. This park is best suited for those who are semi-retired...

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Wootton Hall: Prestige Sonata

2nd Jan 2015

Wootton Hall is a beautiful site located in Warwickshire. It is equipped with all of the essential facilities, along with a few extras to keep you thoroughly entertained. It is the ideal park for...

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‘Tis The Season To See If Caravan Life Is For You

14th Nov 2014

Residential park homes   Allens Caravans   are a wonderful investment. The lifestyle they offer is one of leisure and relaxation, with nearby activities and onsite facilities to suit...

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27 Benefits of the Allen’s Caravan Lifestyle for People 50+

28th Oct 2014

Allens Caravans luxury caravan holidays are a great way for people in or near retirement age to while away the days in style. With a wide array of stunning holiday parks to choose from you'll...

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Why Choose Overstone Lakes?

26th Oct 2014

Here at Allen's Caravans , we have a lovely collection of luxury caravan holiday homes available for hire and purchase. All of our holiday parks are set in scenic locations and our parks are...

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Winter Pastimes in North Wales

26th Oct 2014

If you're planning a family holiday in the UK, but you're unsure of where to head off this winter, why not pay a visit to Sunbeach Holiday Park ? This park is equipped with a...

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Why choose The Springs?

1st Oct 2014

Here at Allen's Caravans , we have a number of Holiday Home Parks that are ideal for a short getaway or a long trip, but if you're looking for luxury and convenience then The Springs is ideal....

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The Benefits of A Residential Park

14th Apr 2014

Moving to a local or distant residential park can be a daunting thought, especially if you've spent years baking and barbequing, making friends with your neighbours and building a home. As a...

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