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Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy During Your Caravan Holiday

20th Feb 2020

In the UK, the family caravan getaway is a staple holiday choice and for good reason, as it offers the best opportunity for families to create memories that will last a lifetime - without...

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Last Minute Caravan Holidays

14th Jun 2019

At first glance, last minute caravan holidays may seem like a rush, but when you delve deeper, you will soon discover that there are actually many varied benefits to choosing late caravan...

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Pick of Our Parks: Where to Caravan in the UK

25th Sep 2018

With a range of holiday parks dotted across the UK, you really are spoiled for choice when you choose Allens Caravans. However, this choice can often lead to indecision - which location is best...

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Have You Forgotten to Book your Caravan Holiday?

13th Jul 2017

Do you ever get that feeling that you've forgotten to do something? Such as taking the bins out, turning the oven your summer caravan holiday ? If you are still yet to do...

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Fall in Love with a Caravan Holiday

10th Feb 2017

The caravanning lifestyle is one filled with nostalgia and romantic notions. From long, hazy summer days to fond childhood memories, the humble caravan holiday has always been a staple component...

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Make the Most of the Little Things

2nd Feb 2017

It is the beginning of another New Year, and that means that it is the perfect period to take some time out to appreciate the life that you lead. January is widely recognised as being the dullest,...

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The Holiday Personality: Who Are You?

11th Jul 2015

Back in 2013, The Travel Supermarket conducted research that looked at how and why people’s personalities and social interactions change when they are on holiday. They defined the...

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Hot Property: Sports Stars and Holiday Homes

23rd May 2015

Well, well. It seems that more and more celebrities are jumping on the caravanning bandwagon!   Now, we all know that caravans are a top choice for holiday makers in the UK, whether you have...

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