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5 Reasons Why You Should Book your Summer Caravan Holiday Now

  • 4th May 2017


Have you booked your summer caravan holiday yet? We may be in the midst of spring, but those summer months are inching closer day by day - book ahead with Allens Caravans to avoid disappointment.

Part of the fun of a getaway is the excitement leading up to your well-deserved rest and relaxation, so - in case you needed any more excuses - we've put together our Top 5 reasons why you should book today!

Avoid Disappointment

The summer is fast approaching and the schools are preparing to shut their doors until September - that means that thousands of families up and down the country will soon be setting off on their summer holidays.

With limited space available at our holiday parks, you do not want to risk missing out on your well-earned break. What's more, you're more likely to find a bargain the earlier you book.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

When the sun is bright and the weather is hot, we open up the heated outdoor swimming pools at our parks for our guests to enjoy and make full use of.

Not only will the children love playing in and around the pool all day, the adults can take the opportunity to relax in the sun - and really take in the stunning locations.

Entertainment Aplenty

If jumping in the pool isn't quite your thing or the weather fluctuates - as it so often does here in the UK - our holiday parks have plenty of other facilities to keep you occupied!

Our parks are equipped with amusements and games areas that are perfect for adults and teenagers to socialise, as well as children's play areas where parents can take the kids and grab a moment's peace.

With the kids taken care of, mums and dads can head over to the café and indulge in a lovely cup of coffee and a warm meal served by our inviting members of staff, or take to the courts for a game or two!

Location, Location, Location

All of our parks are situated in perfect locations for parties that seek a sense of adventure in their holidays. With acres of greenery to explore all around our parks, you can get out and enjoy the sun while taking in the fresh air of the countryside.

As well as woodland, our parks are on the outskirts of some of the most beautiful cities and towns that the country has to offer. If you opt for a stay at our Abbott's Salford caravan park, for instance, then you are just minutes away from Shakespeare country, Stratford-upon-Avon and other towns and villages in Warwickshire.

More information about our holiday parks can be found here.

Keep Costs Down

Arguably, the best part about staying at one of our holiday parks is doing so without the cost of booking flights and hotels. By choosing Allens Caravans, you realise that you do not have to spend hours going through customs so experience highly sought after destinations.

As one of our guests, you are invited to make full use of all of our facilities and activities, which will save you a lot of money when you may otherwise be walking around a city deciding between expensive restaurants.

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