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5 Caravanning Activities for a Rainy Day

  • 6th Nov 2014

5 Caravanning Activities for a Rainy Day

With the UK's temperamental weather forecasts, it can be difficult to plan your week according to sunshiny days or heavy thunderstorms so why not be prepared for both? If you are struck with bad weather during your week away at one of Holiday Home Parks, why not try one of the 5 boredom breakers listed below to avoid rainy day blues and to pass the time while you're waiting for the sun to return.

Learn Origami

Though it can be time-consuming, origami is a great boredom breaker and learning the skill is equally as entertaining. Also, there are so many origami animals and floral designs that you can learn, it can even become a little habit of yours to help spruce up the appearance of the holiday home and make it little more personal. Here is a site that shows you all different tutorials to make origami art, so you can print off the instructions and save them for a rainy day.

Board and Card Games

Board games are the ultimate activity to do while it's raining outside. You can even create your own board game using essentials like pens, paper, crayons and more or change the rules for a game to make it your own. Uno, chess, snakes and ladders and frustration are all great for passing the time and having a bit of fun indoors.


Baking is a family-fun activity that can get every member involved with something new; whether it's cracking the eggs to the beat of your favourite song or whipping the flour and milk, there's nothing better than cooking something tasty, especially when the oven goes ding! Consider baking things like cupcakes, chocolate brownies and maybe even a Victoria sponge for a fun afternoon in the holiday home. Visit our website for the UK's most luxurious holiday homes!


Collages are another fun activity that every family member can get stuck into. All you need is some normal paper, coloured tissue paper, maybe some glitter and a few pens and pencils as well. Once you've finished your collage, you can make a bunting-like display of them all using some string. Collages make lovely holiday home decorations and help to make your home away from home just that little bit more personal.

If you really want to, you can even frame your collages and hang them up on the wall to keep them safe and sound while preserving them for the years to come.

Homemade Instruments

For homemade instruments, you can fill empty bottles with stones or dried pasta for Maracas, a few saucepans or empty containers to make some drums or a line of glasses with pencils for drum sticks. You can create your own mini band and play some popular tunes on your homemade instruments!

These are just 5 rainy day activities that you can try if you're stuck with bad weather during your time away. If you are looking for a cost effective last minute holiday, then get in touch with Allens today! We have a number of holiday parks all across the country, and we can guarantee that we will have something for everyone! 

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