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With package deals available left right and centre, and budget airlines offering flights for just a few pennies, who would elect to go on a caravan holiday?

Have you ever been guilty of turning your nose up at the thought of spending a week inside a caravan with friends and family? If so, you were most likely misinformed as to what a caravan holiday actually entails.

If you think that your week would consist of sleeping in a cramped bed, unable to gain any signal and essentially just parked up in the middle of nowhere, you could not be any more wrong.

As the years go by, more and more people are turning to Allens Caravans holidays during the summer. They are drawn by the prospect of sunny spells, a sense of nostalgia and making memories that can be treasured for years to come, but why do people seem to favour caravan holidays over the classic trip to Spain or a short-break in Italy?

Luxury Caravans

At our caravan holiday parks, our homes are closer to what you would associate with an expensive hotel than a cheap and rusty piece of metal on wheels. At Allens Caravans, we ensure that all of our guests are looked after and comfortable at all times.

With generous living space, a well-designed layout and top of the range luxuries, you will soon realise that any preconceptions were misconceptions, and we are sure you would look forward to coming back.

Caravan Holiday Park Locations

If you are worried about being stranded in the middle of nowhere, then fear not as all of our caravan holiday parks are ideally situated to give the best of both worlds. With historic towns never more than a few minutes drive away, and some of the UK’s most attractive tourist attractions nearby, you are perfectly placed for days out.

Many of our guests do come in search of tranquillity, and with acres of incredible natural landscapes surrounding our parks, this is easily obtainable. If you have a sense of adventure, put on your hiking boots and explore the area – why not bring the whole family along?

You Have a Home Away from Home

First of all, hiring a static caravan means that you have a place that’s yours and only yours for the duration of your stay. You can stay in or go out at hours that suit you – there will be no need to be up and out by a certain time in the morning, for example.

You can also hire a caravan for as long as you want which is another huge bonus. It really does give you the freedom of choice to decide when you want to go away for a break. With a caravan holiday, you can be as flexible as you like!

Can I Stay Connected?

Yes! We understand the reliance that many of us have on our phones and over technology, which is why you will benefit from free Wi-Fi at our parks. It’s certainly a lot more cost-effective than risking expensive roaming charges overseas and also means that you can settle in for Netflix on rainy evenings.


While the initial, upfront cost of a holiday home may set you back a few, the long-term financial benefits are excellent. Not only does the investment pay for itself – with interest – it also provides you with a home away from home, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to book the most sought after spot on the caravan site.

In addition, it means you get to spend your summer vacation in your favourite holiday destination. You have a number of locations to choose from, so think carefully about where you love to travel, what activities you want nearby and which location offers the best facilities for you and your family.

Staying close to home

Leaving the country can be a daunting thought for some but you don’t need to abandon the good old UK to have the perfect holiday. Staying close to home can be great for some people as it helps to make them feel safe and secure during their time away, therefore diminishing stress levels and making the experience more enjoyable as a whole.


While the popularity of glamping continues to grow, it doesn’t offer you all of the facilities you need to truly enjoy your time away from home. A lack of home comforts and conveniences can often end up making the experience stressful, uncomfortable and unenjoyable. This is why caravan holidays are generally favoured over glamping because with a caravan, you have everything you need in one handy location, as well as a few of the benefits and experiences associated with glamping such as stargazing and roasting marshmallows!


Many caravan parks offer three main options; touring pitches, holiday homes and residential caravans, which means you have the choice to either enjoy a short break at a park in a beautiful location or move to a beautiful countryside park for good. In addition, you also have the freedom to visit the park any time you want throughout the year so you can save yourself the hassle of trying to bag that perfect, sought-after pitch. Click here to view our glorious range of holiday parks!

So if you are looking for freedom and facilities somewhere closer to home and a budget-friendly trip, why not consider having your next holiday on one of our sites here at Allen’s Caravans? We have plenty of options in terms of location and site facilities, all of which are maintained to the highest standard. Our sites are also kept in check by our on-site staff and managers meaning you can feel safe and enjoy your time away.

Break Away From the City 

Caravan hire is a superb way to break free from the static and sometimes claustrophobic London life which, for all its history, culture, glamour and glitz, can prove to be overwhelming at times.

In London, like so many other cities, industry and construction have taken priority. Where open spaces once were, we now have office blocks and car parks, or worse; private parks to be enjoyed only by residents, who are too busy rushing around to really appreciate their prime spot of green real estate anyway.

You can bask by the beach on the Welsh coast, or you can lose yourself in the natural beauty that fills the Heart of England. Most of all though, you can refresh and reboot in the best way possible; by doing whatever you want (even if that’s nothing at all), a long way away from the crazy city life.

Why the Heart of England?

As well as our picture-perfect beachfront park in North Wales, we have a number of different parks dotted across the Heart of England. There are several reasons that this corner of the world works so well for caravan holidays, though.

For starters, you have some of the UK’s most beautiful backdrops on your doorstep. There’s the Malvern Hills and the stunning Broadway Tower, the Cotswolds with their chocolate-box villages, and much more besides.

Add to this miles and miles of rolling green countryside, plenty of lakes and a number of nature reserves either surrounding or situated nearby our parks, you couldn’t get further from London if you tried.

The variety afforded by this part of the UK, in terms of everything from topography to entertainment, means you can find a caravan for hire whether you want to walk, fish, try something new or simply chill out. And you can do it all in a luxury home away from home, in a picturesque setting and convenient location.

The Advantages of a Last-Minute Caravan Holiday

If you book with Allens Caravans now, you can enjoy a break away at any of our fantastic parks located in England and Wales before the winter shutdown. Whether we host you over the weekend or for a full week, we guarantee that you will love your time with us.

Many of our parks have homes available for hire, all of which are kept in immaculate condition and allow you to save money on your late autumn break. When you compare the costs of staying in the UK to flying abroad, there really is no contest.

There are a lot of other reasons why UK caravans can be a great option, especially for couples.

Boosting the Romance

For couples looking to get some precious time away together, a caravan holiday is the perfect budget break. After all, you don’t need to fly out to exotic destinations for a memorable holiday when your next perfect break is waiting on the doorstep!

A caravan break also gives you plenty of options to really boost the romance. Treat your loved one to a fantastic day out then finish off the day in style with a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. You could even try your hand at cooking a romantic meal for two from scratch in your caravan, to really show them how much you care. Pair their favourite meal with a bottle of wine and add a few candles or a bunch of beautiful red roses for added effect.

If you’ve been convinced to try a UK caravan holiday, we’ve put together some tips on caravanning for beginners.

Tips for Holidaying in a Caravan

The initial step to booking your first caravan holiday is to pick where you want to go. We have holiday parks located across the country, in areas including North Wales, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

No matter which park you choose to stay at, you will find yourself on the periphery of acres of greenery that will unlock your sense of adventure, and vibrant towns full of history, perfect for shopping days.

Decide on What Activities You Want to Do

When booking your holiday, one of the most important things to consider is the activities that you will be looking to do. While it is perfectly fine to spend your entire day relaxing in your caravan, our UK caravan sites all offer a vast array of activities.

Each park has a number of on-site facilities, housing games rooms, children’s play areas and evening entertainment, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Who’s Coming?

Once you have decided where you will be staying, the next key point to consider is who will be coming. Allens Caravans has park homes suitable for couples looking to get some time to themselves, or for large parties.

Also, at our parks, you can bring the dog along for the holiday. After all, everyone knows that pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else!

What You Will Need to Pack

When packing for your break, try not to pack everything including the kitchen sink. Take only the essentials and clothes that you know you are going to wear, as well as any devices that you cannot live without – free Wi-Fi at our parks will keep you connected during your stay.

Enjoy Your First Caravan Holiday

Once you have booked and packed for your holiday, all that is left is to enjoy the break. We encourage you to sample all that we have to offer at our caravan holiday parks and look forward to welcoming you back for a second, third and fourth time!

If you’d like to enquire about any one of our parks or if you would like to know a bit more about which park is right for you and your needs, please get in touch today. We would be happy to assist in any way we can and we look forward to hearing from you.

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