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One of the things that we are routinely asked by those curious about sampling our relaxed way of life is to explain the difference between a caravan and a mobile home. There isn’t any difference at all, as a mobile home is largely another name for a caravan or any pre-fabricated structure made in a factory for the use as either permanent or temporary accommodation.

Of course, we understand that when you hear the word ‘mobile’, you think of something on wheels, which is where the traditional caravan began. You will have no doubt been caught behind a caravanner transporting their mobile home up and down the motorway as they head to or from their getaway. That likely means that when it comes to answering what is a mobile home, you probably don’t immediately think of the types of caravan you will find at our parks.

A Static Caravan at Allens Caravans

At our parks, you will find numerous static caravans which are used as either permanent or temporary accommodation, depending on whether you are visiting a holiday or residential park. These are fabricated metal structures that do not come on wheels, like what you may have otherwise pictured as a mobile home, but neither are they fixed permanently to the ground – they can be moved with the correct equipment.

The fact that a static caravan is not permanently fixed to the ground, and that the land on which the property sits on is owned by the residential park, is why you cannot take out a mortgage to fund the purchase of one. There are other loans that you can take out from a bank that have terms similar to that of a standard mortgage, although these will often be at higher rates.

A mobile home such as a static caravan is considerably more luxurious than your standard travel trailer caravan, especially those found at an Allens Caravans residential park. What it is that makes a mobile home so much more is that there is ample space to live, with multiple bedrooms, high-quality kitchen and glorious greenery all around.

Life on a Residential Park

If you have ever stayed at a caravan park, whether by visiting friends and family or as part of a short break at a holiday park, you will already be familiar with the unique community feel that comes as part of the experience. Moving full-time to a residential park in a mobile home is suitable for those of whom are ready to wave goodbye to the frantic city life and start anew in a quaint, laid-back setting.

When you buy your static caravan, you aren’t just simply buying the fabricated steel structure. After all, what’s a mobile home without access to fantastic onsite facilities? Here at Allens Caravans, we provide a wide range of onsite facilities that not only make you feel at home but mean that you can spend more time at home without having to worry about venturing out too far for your essentials.

We cannot deny that, perhaps, the caravan life isn’t for everybody and that is fine. If the prospect of forming new friendships with like-minded neighbours appeals to you, chances are you will love life at any of our residential parks. Whereas in traditional estates you are somewhat closed off from your community, actively doing everything that you can to avoid contact (such as installing six-foot fencing around the perimeter of your garden), the caravan life encourages you to connect with your fellow caravanners.

Don’t be Confused

When you hear someone discussing what is a mobile home and what is a caravan, the answer is that, fundamentally, there is no difference. A mobile home is a caravan and a caravan is a mobile home, with the only difference being whether your structure can easily be transported hooked to the back of your car or not.

A camper trailer is generally used for camping trips, as a more comfortable and protected means of accommodation than a tent. This is not what you will find at any of the residential parks operated by Allens Caravans, with top of the range, luxury static caravans on offer. While you may power your property, through the use of generators and gas canisters, as you would a camper trailer, that is where the similarities begin and end. You will not feel cramped whatsoever and you’ll be more than willing to invite friends and family over – they are all welcome onsite and can make full use of all facilities within the park.

Enquire About the Mobile Homes at Allens Caravans

Through our website, you can enquire about any of the available park homes for sale at the residential parks operated by Allens Caravans. As well as viewing a personalised video, you can also see details of the finance options available, where you can total up your monthly repayments based on the value of the property, deposit and how many years you want to pay over.

You can also filter your selection to view new or pre-owned, as well as by size, number of bedrooms and price, helping you to find the perfect mobile home for your needs and budget. Each listing is accompanied with the relevant contact information, directing you to the best point of contact for any mobile home that piques your interest.

If you would like any further information about any of the mobile homes in general available on our website, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Allens Caravan team today.

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