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Touring Caravan Maintenance Tips

  • 16th May 2017


Similarly to your car, there is no downside to regularly maintaining your touring caravan. After all, your caravan is your home away from home while you're out on the road, so it should be treated accordingly. With proper care, upkeep and maintenance, your caravan is much more likely to remain in good condition for longer, allowing you to get far greater enjoyment and usage out of it. Regular maintenance will also help to keep you safer and should reduce general running costs.

Holiday caravans needn't require a lot of complicated maintenance - with an annual service, thorough spring clean and some general maintenance throughout the year, depending on the level of use, your caravan will be shipshape in no time at all.

To help you out, we have put together a quick guide to caravan maintenance, sharing some of our top tips with you.

  • Check the corner steadies and jockey wheel is moving freely - if you find that they are stiff or sticking, a little grease should help
  • Ensure that all of the lights are working, from exterior lights like the brake light and indicators to the interior lights and lamps. Don't forget the fridge light!
  • There should be no fraying on the breakaway cable. If your cable is frayed, this is a sign that it should be replaced
  • Confirm that your fire extinguisher and smoke alarm are still to date and working correctly
  • Ensure that all of the tyres (including the spare) are in good working order and that the wheel nuts are set to the correct torque
  • Check the voltage of your battery and make sure to recharge it if it is getting low
  • Double check that all doors, windows and skylights are fully operational and undamaged
  • The hinges may require occasional oiling to ensure they remain smooth and easy to open or close. You should also check that the sealings haven't perished as this could lead to further issues if not dealt with
  • Clean the brakes and be sure to replace if they are excessively worn
  • Check that the gas heater and each of the gas burners on the hob burns with a clean, blue flame. Yellow or flaring flames could mean that there is a blockage, which should immediately be addressed for safety reasons
  • You should also make sure to regularly change your water filter and check the water system is flowing well

For more information about our holiday caravans and parks, please give us a call today on 01564 792323. 

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