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When booking in and heading off to caravan holiday parks across the UK, we all have that enduring vision of perfect sunshine, blue skies, and t-shirt and shorts weather. However, the great British weather usually has other ideas, and the scorching holidays we dream of are often interrupted by grey skies, cloud cover and rain.

Nevertheless, the threat of rain on your summer or winter caravan holiday should not be a deterrent, but we would recommend preparing rainy day activities just in case. Anyone who is familiar with the ‘beautiful’ British weather will know rain can strike at any point of the year!

Get Cosy in Your Caravan

When the weather is not the greatest, sometimes all you feel like doing is curling up in your caravan and staying safe from the rain outside. A caravan holiday is perfect for relaxing. Sometimes having a lazy day in your caravan can really help you to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Fill your day with your favourite ways to relax – get stuck into a good book, watch a film, or sharpen your mind by trying your hand at a few puzzles or brainteasers. If you are holidaying with family, why not organise a game of cards or crack out the board games?

Some of our favourite board games include:


The ultimate murder-mystery board game, Cluedo, was first published in 1949 by Waddingtons of Leeds. It was devised by a gentleman of the name Anthony E. Pratt and it has had great success, being a favourite in the UK and the US ever since its conception.

The aim of the game is for players to move around the board strategically. The board represents the rooms of a mansion and each player must assume the identity of one of the game’s six characters. The game is played in a manner that allows its participants to collect clues and ask questions until the suspect is revealed; players’ guesses also need to include what room the murder took place in and what weapon was used to murder the game’s victim, Dr. Black.

Cluedo’s characters are:

  • Miss Scarlett (red piece)
  • Colonel Mustard (yellow piece)
  • Mrs White (white piece)
  • Reverend Green (green piece)
  • Mrs Peacock (blue piece)
  • Professor Plum (purple piece)

The murder weapons offered include:

  • A candlestick
  • A dagger
  • A lead pipe,
  • A revolver
  • A rope
  • A wrench

All of the rooms displayed on the board are the possible locations for the murder, so Dr. Black could have been killed in the:

  • Kitchen
  • Ballroom
  • Conservatory
  • Billiard room
  • Library
  • Dining room
  • Hall
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Cellar

Despite its unchanging rules and perennial appeal, Cluedo is not just a family board game for players of all ages to enjoy today; it is a board game classic and an entire franchise has spawned from the original, along with an array of novelty versions. If you want an exciting family board game that is intriguing and entertaining at the same time, look to Cluedo.


Based on Ludo, Cranium is a board game made for parties. The game was created by Richard Tait and Whit Alexander in 1998. It was designed specifically to use a range of different skills by tasking players with a variety of activities. The scoring system is simple and the activities are separated into four categories. These categories are:

  • Creative Cat: by drawing one of these blue cards you will be given one of two creative tasks to complete. The first is a Pictionary style activity where one team member will draw on a piece of paper and the other players will guess what it is they are drawing. The second task is to use the putty (provided with the game) to make something and the other players guess what it is.
  • Data Head: there are three different types of question in this category  which requires you to have general knowledge of data and facts. When you pull one of these red cards you will either be given a question with multiple choice answers, a question you are required to answer outright, or a statement which you and your team will decide is true or false.
  • Word Worm: this category tests the wordsmiths and the walking dictionaries. If you pull a yellow card you will face one of three types of tasks: you will either have to spell a moderately difficult word (forward or backward), correctly identify the definition of a word from a set of multiple choice answers, or you will have to perform an anagram task.
  • Star Performer: this category is where a player steals the limelight. When you draw one of these green cards you will be required to act out clues, much like in a game of charades. You will either have to hint at, act or speak like a famous person or character, or you will be required to hum or whistle a popular tune as other players guess the song.

Cranium is a game designed and adept at involving everyone around the board, whether in participation or observation. By catering for different needs, skills and age ranges, it really is a top family board game.


Known as ‘the fast-dealing property trading game’, Monopoly was originally published by Parker Brothers in America. The concept for the game is based on the actual economic concept of monopolising a market – in this case, the property market. The game requires its players to move around the board, buying and trading properties, developing properties (upgrading houses and hotels) and collecting rent from opponents. The game’s ultimate goal is for its players to make one another bankrupt. Along the way there are various market-related rewards and challenges, all aimed at making the game harder and losing or gaining the players money.

The UK version of Monopoly features a board laid out with various London locations, including well-known streets and boroughs as well as famous stations. There are title deed cards for each property, Chance and Community Chest cards with tasks on them, miniature houses and hotels, dice and play money to give the game a more “realistic” feel. There are also the eight iconic board pieces:

  • The wheelbarrow
  • The battleship
  • The race car
  • The thimble
  • The boot
  • The Scottie dog
  • The top Hat
  • The cat (previously the iron)

Monopoly may seem complex at first glance, but it is a fun and engaging game for all the family to play; it encourages friendly competition and keeps everyone engrossed for hours!

Twists on Popular Board Games

Instead of sticking to the usual rules of your favourite board games, why not put a twist on them to make them even more fun?

To see what we mean, read on. Below we have compiled just a short list of three popular board games and how you can put a spin on the normal rules of each one.

Snacks and Ladders

We all know and love the game Snakes and Ladders, but how about we make it a little more interesting for little ones? Kids absolutely love little snacks, so why not transform your Snakes and Ladders board into a sweet treat haven and pop a couple of packaged delights on the square the ladder leads up to. This is a great way to encourage a little, light-hearted competition. The kids will want to visit you far more often!

Monopoly Forfeits

Monopoly is an all-time family favourite, and it is great fun for everyone. However, instead of your piece just sitting in jail whilst everyone else takes their turn, why not add a forfeit for fun? It could be anything, like singing a silly song, but it will help to make the game even more fun than before and involves every member of the family too!

Is it Payday Yet?

We all know how frustrating the board game ‘Pay Day’ can be, especially when you sell a £20,000 deal only to be faced with numerous bill cards totalling to £9,000. But, instead of making the game easier, why not make it just that little bit harder by adding…you’ve got it; a twist. The twist could be anything. For example, you could have two numbers that mean you have to go backwards on the board and leave you wondering if you’re ever going to get to payday.

Alternatively, you can choose a few cards and give them a completely new meaning! Whatever twist you decide to add, make sure it is fun and entertaining for you and the little ones.

Other Non-Board Games You Can Play

Board games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. For those who become bored of board games, here are three further games you can play to pass the time as you wait for the rain to clear:


There’s nothing more fun than acting out your all-time favourite films and TV shows, which makes Charades a great game to play with the grandchildren. Not only can it provide hours of fun, but it gets everyone up and about.

You can choose different topics, like Disney movies or characters from your favourite family films. If you go down the route of topics, you can always write down a few ideas on pieces of paper and pop them into a hat to mix them up. This will make it even more fun as well as challenging!

Eye Spy

A simple yet fun game, Eye Spy is the ultimate way to beat boredom. You can even add a little twist to the game and pick objects to choose from i.e. furniture, food, etc. This will make it easier for little ones, as well as make the game more entertaining. The best part though is that it doesn’t require any stationery or equipment – like a board – to play!


Pictionary is a great game for all the family. In this game, you have to demonstrate what your ‘word’ or ‘words’ are by drawing pictures. All you need is a big sheet of paper, a couple of ideas and a hat to mix them all up! A few ideas could include animals, fruits or even TV shows to make it a little more difficult. It’s completely up to you what your topic is. Either way, it’ll be fun and entertaining for all involved. Follow this link for further information on our wide choice of UK holiday parks.

Other Fun Indoor Activities

Learn Origami

Though it can be time-consuming, origami is a great boredom breaker and learning the skill is equally as entertaining. Also, there are so many origami animals and floral designs that you can learn, it can even become a little habit of yours to help spruce up the appearance of the holiday home and make it little more personal. Here is a site that shows you all different tutorials to make origami art, so you can print off the instructions and save them for a rainy day.


Baking is a family-fun activity that can get every member involved with something new; whether it’s cracking the eggs to the beat of your favourite song or whipping the flour and milk, there’s nothing better than cooking something tasty, especially when the oven goes ding! Consider baking things like cupcakes, chocolate brownies and maybe even a Victoria sponge for a fun afternoon in the holiday home. Visit our website for the UK’s most luxurious holiday homes!


Collages are another fun activity that every family member can get stuck into. All you need is some normal paper, coloured tissue paper, maybe some glitter and a few pens and pencils as well. Once you’ve finished your collage, you can make a bunting-like display of them all using some string. Collages make lovely holiday home decorations and help to make your home away from home just that little bit more personal.

If you really want to, you can even frame your collages and hang them up on the wall to keep them safe and sound while preserving them for the years to come.

Homemade Instruments

For homemade instruments, you can fill empty bottles with stones or dried pasta for Maracas, a few saucepans or empty containers to make some drums, or a line of glasses with pencils for drumsticks. You can create your own mini band and play some popular tunes on your homemade instruments!

Online (Window) Shopping

The internet is a wonderful thing, not least because it gives us the world at our fingertips. As the colder months drag on you will likely find yourself less inclined to trek to the town centre for a bit of retail therapy. Cue: online shopping.

Whether it is your groceries, a winter wardrobe or some books and films to keep you entertained of an evening, internet shopping is the ideal solution. Even if you don’t actually need anything, it is always fun to browse your favourite sites for some inspiration or in the name of research for birthdays and Christmas – just think how ahead you’ll be come December.

A Movie Marathon or a Book Omnibus

Is there anything better than snuggling up on the sofa to watch a good movie or stick your nose firmly in a book when it’s cold, grey and murky outside? We think not.

You can have a movie marathon where you work your way through your favourite Hollywood classics, or you could grab a cuppa and whittle down your “to read” list. Either way, you will be able to keep warm and cosy whilst escaping to different worlds, all at the same time.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether you are stuck at home alone whilst it’s pouring down outside or you have the grandchildren over for the day, taking a walk down memory lane is a wonderful way to keep occupied. You can choose a specific theme such as “summer adventures” or you can decide to make a general book of memories, stretching back and covering as much as you can manage.

Use photographs, handwritten accounts and random keepsakes (like ticket stubs) to build a scrapbook, organise your snaps into a photo album, or start keeping a diary. Better yet, reread any old diaries if you have some stashed away from your childhood. When you are cosied up on a cold night, nothing makes you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as a bit of nostalgia.

Make a Gingerbread House

Whether you are aiming for an extravagant three-story palace or a cute little countryside cottage, making a gingerbread house is a great way to celebrate this season, not to mention dining on a tasty snack whenever the mood strikes.

There are lots of designs available on the internet, from complex structures to sweet and simple gingerbread homes. For inspiration, try sites like Pinterest.

There are also a lot of ways you can spruce up the appearance of your gingerbread house, even if you’re not expecting guests. Simply tying a golden or red ribbon around the base or trying your hand at a few miniature gingerbread people can make your gingerbread house feel like a home.

Winter Walks

When the weather is a little brighter, there is nothing better than a long woodland walk on a crisp, sharp winter morning to blow the cobwebs away. Get out in the great outdoors and explore the area around where you are staying to experience the stunning scenery that the area has to offer. Plus, at this time of year everywhere is going to be a lot quieter than in peak holiday season, so take advantage of the peace and quiet to get in a spot of winter wildlife watching!

For the fishermen amongst us, winter is also a great time to get in a bit of fishing away from the crowds that summer brings. Take your fishing gear with you when you go away as you might be able to try your hand at catching seasonal fish you haven’t caught before! Several of our caravan sites in the UK also have fishing lakes close by, meaning that you will be able to spend a relaxing day fishing without having to travel far from your caravan.

Kitting Out Your Caravan for Rainy Summer Days

During the winter, you expect the odd downpour which is why you naturally include different things you can do indoors to keep both you and your friends and family occupied. When rain strikes in the summer, it can be annoying as this is the time when you should be sunning it up.

However, all is not lost because just like in the colder months of the year, there is still plenty that you can do to raise your spirits as you wait for that pesky rain to go away and come back another day.

Yoga Mats

There’s nothing more peaceful than performing your all-time favourite yoga routine. What’s even better is doing it in the warm, crisp early morning sun on the grass by your home away from home. However, the inevitability of grey skies and rainfall is something you can’t necessarily avoid. So, to turn the day around, you could have a few yoga mats tucked away and either enjoy some solo relaxation or invite friends or neighbours to share your love of yoga.

You can either host a quick routine or a day-long fun-filled class. Add to the experience with a few pots of potpourri to make the room smell delightful and put on a calming, soothing soundtrack to help everyone feel utterly relaxed.

Artificial Flowers

If you do not use your caravan too often but you want it looking lovely and fresh every summer, indoor artificial flowers can be a fantastic way to spruce up its appearance. There are so many types of flowers and different arrangements out there; you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As well as keeping your holiday home looking lovely and bright all year round, artificial flowers are robust whatever the weather, as well as the added bonus that they don’t aggravate hay fever. They are little-to-no maintenance, inexpensive and a long-lasting investment, ideal for occasional and annual visits. Click here to view our luxury range of caravan holiday parks in the UK!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are an all-season way to brighten your holiday home whilst making a pretty, decorative addition to your home away from home. They can be hung almost anywhere and, depending on the length of each string, they can be spaced out all around the property. Fairy lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Like artificial flowers, they come in a few styles and colours which means you can make the lighting as personal and as seasonal as you wish. Even when it is grey, wet and cloudy, you can enjoy a starry night or a party atmosphere.

Summer Salads

This last suggestion is not about decoration, interior work or holiday activities. That said, it is equally great for stirring up that summertime feeling. There is so much you can do with salads; from creating a watermelon hedgehog to go with your fruit salad, to creating a basic green-leaf lunch, each salad can meet everyone’s preferred food tastes.

The salad is an all-rounder dish in terms of boosting moods, generating that summer feeling and providing good nutrition, even when it is hammering it down outside.

Rainy Day Attractions

If sitting inside is beginning to send you a little stir-crazy, get the family together and head out to one of the many attractions across the country that are perfect for rainy days. Museums and galleries are ideal. Some stately homes can also be enjoyed in wet weather, as long as you don’t mind missing a soggy walk around the grounds!

If you are heading off to caravan holiday parks in an area you are unfamiliar with; we recommend doing a little research before you leave. This means that you will be readily prepared with a selection of great rainy-day activities just in case the weather breaks.

Embrace the Rain

At the end of the day, is a little bit of water really going to hurt? Go for a woodland walk, using the tree cover to shield you from the worst of the weather. If the grandchildren are staying with you, get decked out in your raincoats and wellies and head out for a fun walk in the rain – you could even liven things up by getting the kids to jump in as many puddles as they can!

Don’t let the great British weather put you off – book a stay at one of Allens Caravans holiday parks for a great getaway, whatever the weather!

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