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Now that 2020 is firmly underway, we’ve taken some time to cast our minds back one last time at the year that was 2019. Here at Allens Caravans, we played host to many who opted for a UK staycation in favour of a vacation abroad across all of our holiday parks.

While more and more are opting to stay on British soil for their annual break, it is clear that those who choose to book through Allens Caravans enjoy their time with us, as one in four of our guests will keep coming back for more. We expect that this trend will continue as shorter breaks become more fashionable, as well as the uncertainty of Brexit playing on the minds of British travellers.

Spotlight: The Average Allens Caravans’ Holidaymaker

Rounded to the nearest whole number, the average booking consisted of two (2.3) adults and one (0.75) child, with one in 10 bookings bringing the family dog along. This highlights exactly what is important to our guests – the ability to holiday as a family with all members present, including those with two four legs instead of two!

Unsurprisingly, the two most popular months for booking are September and August, during the height of summer when the weather is at its most inviting. During these months, outdoor swimming pools at selected parks are open for business, making for a beautiful family getaway that everyone, young and old, can enjoy. At the other end of the spectrum, January and February make for the quietest months of the year in terms of staycations, and while many of our parks have limited availability during this time, there are some winter breaks available for those looking for a cosy getaway.

The average length of stay for a booking at our holiday parks is 5.25 days, showing that while many guests still like to book a full week-long getaway, the rise of shorter breaks is also evident.

What Type of Person Books a UK Staycation?

Whilst it is impossible to categorise the type of person that will book a UK staycation under one specific label, what we do know is that more and more Millennials are opting to stay on British shores as opposed to travelling abroad. With that being said, it is the over 65s that lead the way, with 43% in this age bracket stating that they would like to spend more time in the UK, as per a Barclays report, with the 45-54 (40%) and 35-35 (34%) age groups coming second and third respectively.

Another key reason for opting for a UK staycation is simple: holidays in the UK are becoming more affordable compared to the overseas alternatives. This shows that UK holidaymakers are conscious of their spending habits latterly and this theory is backed up with a budget of just under £1,000 (£952) covering all costs such as accommodation, food and general spending money, compared to an average budget of £3,443 for overseas visitors in 2017.

Away from the money side of things, the most important features for anyone booking a UK staycation are: escapism, spending time with family, spending time with friends, educational activities and health and fitness. The average stay at an Allens Caravan holiday parks accounts for all these features; our parks often have sporting activities and pools, are set among the beautiful scenic countryside and are often neighbouring historic towns that are sure to whet the appetite for those hungry for local history.

How Far are UK Holidaymakers Willing Travel?

As per 2015 figures, UK holidaymakers are willing to travel on average 225 miles to reach their destination. That figure increases when you look at all four corners of the UK, with Scots travelling almost 300 miles for their breaks.

The UK undoubtedly has beautiful locations in each corner of the island, which certainly plays its part in why holidaymakers are willing to put in the miles. In fact, as per a 2019 study, the top three most popular regions for a staycation are the South West of England, Cumbria and North Wales, where you can find two Allens Caravans holiday parks in Sunbeach and Glan Y Mor. These locations are noted for being popular destinations, and not just exclusively during the summer months, but all year round, with stunning picturesque countryside lending itself to awe-inspiring views and adventure.

How Important are Child-Friendly Locations?

Holidaymakers with children naturally want to bring them along – after all, what’s a family holiday without every member! Families are taking more holidays – both overseas and in the UK – and families with children aged five or older take an average of 5.6 holidays each year, while those with younger children enjoyed 3.9 breaks on average in 2019.

As it is primarily down to families that we have seen such growth in the holiday sector, of course, it places extra emphasis on destinations to offer child-friendly accommodation. At Allens Caravans, all of our holiday parks offer something for everyone, including young children of any age. With facilities such as swimming pools, games rooms and fun activities to keep the little ones entertained, our parks make for a complete family holiday experience.

As the rise of the family holiday shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, Brits continue to be mindful of their spending both before and during a holiday. As already mentioned earlier on in this article, holidaymakers can expect to spend less than a third on a UK staycation compared to an overseas holiday, meaning that staycationers have plenty of opportunities to save on costs, as well as getting better value for their money.

What do Couples Seek in a UK Staycation?

As well as families looking to get away and spend quality time with one another, couples of all ages are also looking to make the most of the short breaks away in the UK. New and long-term couples have chosen the beautiful British countryside for their getaways, with plenty of opportunities to spark romance.

Sightseeing is the number one reason why couples book a holiday, and, with a big focus on looking to reduce the number of air miles racked up by holidaymakers, it looks as though 2020 will be a big year for the staycationer. Proving to be as environmentally savvy as economically, Millennials are where there is big growth in booking UK breaks. With many of these couples still yet to have children, the expectation is that we will see more booking for couples without children staying in our holiday parks in the coming months and years.

Owning a Holiday Home

As well as renting for a short break, many are making the investment of buying a holiday home that they can use whenever they feel, often staying on the park over the weekend before returning home during the week. The costs of owning a holiday home can quickly offset the cost of renting accommodation for a short break, especially if you know that you will be likely to travel several times a year.

Generally, there are options available to suit all budgets – it might be worth consulting our static caravan buyers’ guide for information on all of the associated costs involved in owning and running a holiday home at an Allens Caravans park. If you plan to let out your holiday home, you can expect to make a good income as a landlord, which is something that our team will be happy to speak with you about in more detail.

As per this report featured in Property Investor Today, almost 40% of British holidaymakers have the funds to purchase a holiday home and plan to invest in one in the UK, as is the popularity of staying in the British Isles.

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