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The Benefits of Owning A Residential Park Home

  • 14th Mar 2014

The Benefits of Owning A Residential Park Home

Residential park homes are an increasingly popular choice of residence for many people, being equally perfect for first time buyers as they are for retirees. The homes offer high quality, comfortable accommodation whilst the lifestyle you can have on residential caravan parks is a refreshing change from the hustle, bustle and pressure of urban living. If you can see yourself living in a cosy, high-spec home or gazing out across your own private decking and looking over beautiful rural landscapes then it sounds like residential park life is for you. What's more is that your neighbours will be friendly like-minded people, all interesting and from different backgrounds but with one thing in common: a love of fun, freedom and a peaceful life. These are just some of the benefits though. Read on to find out what other benefits there are to residential caravan park life:

The Benefits

As with any type of accommodation, whether or not a residential park home is perfect for you will depend on your lifestyle and preferences but if you like fun, freedom and living in tranquil surroundings a park home is for you. There are lots of benefits to owning a residential park home, from the low living costs to the community and lifestyle of park living itself. Other benefits include:

  • Residential caravan parks have a real sense of community so even if you are an individual living on your own, you need never feel isolated. Whilst privacy is respected, there are often social opportunities (activities, clubs, groups) to get involved in and draw you out of your shell
  • The security of the private sites and the added comfort that a site manager or owner is always on hand can help you feel at ease, whether you need help with a pipe problem or you just need a point of reference
  • Economically speaking, residential park homes usually compare favourably to a conventional house. The exact financial benefits are dependent on what type of model, what size and where your home is located but park homes are generally considered more pocket-friendly
  • These days, park homes are also designed and constructed to be environmentally friendly. Using quality timber for the frame, ensuring the exterior is tough and weatherproof and installing top quality insulation are all priorities that make park homes easy and affordable to maintain
  • Park homes are intended to be comfortable, convenient and attractive. Usually designed to look like traditional pitch-roofed bungalows, their sizeable interiors are fitted with high quality modern fixtures including furniture, kitchen cabinets, integrated appliances and cupboards/wardrobes. The majority of them are also built with all the necessary home comforts like central heating, double glazing and carpeting throughout. As a result of so much effort being made to ensure park homes look and feel like home straight away, you can focus on packing up, moving in and settling down as soon as possible

There are a great many other advantages to living on a residential caravan park and the possibilities are endless. A better quality of life, an economically and environmentally friendly home as well as the perfect balance between a sense of freedom and a sense of community make park homes a highly desirable option. So if you are ready to make the move to park home life, contact us today - we are always happy to help you find your perfect park home. Alternatively, if you have any benefits or experiences of idyllic park life to share, please let us know.

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