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Staycation vs. Vacation: The Great British Debate

  • 7th Aug 2014

Staycation vs. Vacation: The Great British Debate

Holidays have become a big part of twenty-first century life both as an industry and as something people consider to be a necessity, if not a priority. Of course, holidays come in all shapes and sizes from spa weekends and fishing retreats with, to weeks away at the British seaside and fortnights exploring exotic lands. 

That said the humble world of camping and caravanning has been a favourite amongst British holidaymakers for decades. However, developments in technology and transport between the 1980s and early 2000s made world travel much easier and as such many people opted for jet set jaunts instead of staying closer to home for a holiday.  

In recent years however, the tides have started turning back in favour of the traditional caravan holiday. In part this is due to a widespread nostalgia for simpler times and all things quintessentially British, but it is also clear that the state of the economy (among other factors) has played its part in the resurgence of caravan holidays which are both closer to home and more cost-effective.

Caravan holidays in the UK cost significantly less than holidays abroad and what's more is that they offer more freedom and flexibility than your average package holiday abroad. You can eat where you want, go out on day trips suited to your personal tastes or simply laze around in the comfort of your home away from home. If you own your own holiday home you even have flexibility in terms of when you stay and how long you stay for, be it a weekend, a week or longer. Click here to view the UK's most stunning caravan holiday home locations!

You can also avoid the stress and hassle associated with trips abroad because there is no need to pack your life into a luggage limit, queue for hours at hot sweaty airports or figure out currency conversions and how to ask "where is the toilet" in a foreign language.

If you aren't entirely sold on the idea of putting down the passport and enjoying a luxury caravan holiday instead, read on and take a look at the facts and figures behind why you're better off with a Staycation than a Vacation.

Some Staycation Statistics

Caravan holidays in the UK cost significantly less than holidays abroad, especially when you consider all of the extra travel costs and the unpredictability of what could happen when you're stranded in a foreign country, with little knowledge of the language and a tight budget.

In fact, with one in five Brits coming home early because they run out of money abroad, there is something to be said for staying closer to home in more familiar surroundings. Now, that is not to say the UK is lacking in variety when it comes to holidays. Though we are a small island, we have plenty to offer in the form of location, experiences and activities from day trips to the beach to mountain climbing in national parks.

Can you really save that much money by choosing a caravan holiday in Worcestershire over an all-inclusive break in the West Indies? Well, according to the Travel Supermarket the average British holidaymaker will spend approximately £1041 on their travels in 2014. Compare this to the average £400-500 cost of seven nights in a caravan and you can see the difference. You can enjoy a caravan holiday for half the price of an average holiday abroad. This is welcoming news to the 63% of British holidaymakers surviving on their credit cards whilst away, as well as the average person who will still be paying off holiday costs two and a half months after they get home.

A Final Word

Caravanning has always been a popular holiday option in the UK but with the current economic situation and the ever increasing price of world travel, caravan holidays are set to become even more popular. At present there are more than a million caravan holidays taken each year in the UK, but that number will likely rise in all demographics because people are more focused on quality of life and good value than they are racking up debts for a quick trip abroad.  

Holiday home ownership is also on the rise as people are becoming more aware of how they spend their money. Based on the average prices of caravan holidays and holidays abroad, combined with the national UK average of two holidays a year, buying your own holiday home is a cost-effective and flexible option. When you own your own holiday home you can escape any time you want, as many times as you want to a location you've chosen because of its appeal and the activities it offers. What's more is that you get this for a manageable and expected price which will prove worthwhile in the long run.

So if you want to invest in a holiday home of your own or simply enjoy a two week break at one of the UK's hotspots, get in touch with Allens Caravans today! 

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