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Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

  • 23rd May 2017


A caravan is a home away from home, something that should be treasured just as much as the memories that are made within its confines.

When you arrive at your static caravan, you do so with the intention of unwinding and relaxing, not opening the door to a day's worth of cleaning and other chores. If you wanted that, you would have stayed at home. With proper care and maintenance, you will save yourself the pain of having to carry out a full spring clean of your holiday caravan.

Below we have put together a helpful guide on how to care for your caravan, whether you simply stay in yours over the summer months or as your main residence:

  • Clear leaves off of the roof - rotting leaves can damage the roof, possibly leaving patches of rust that may require maintenance
  • Check anchor chains for signs of corrosion
  • Clean exterior walls with a cloth or a jet wash, if you have access to one, to protect against damage from pollution and bird lime
  • Keep your caravan tidy at all times - if you have any washing up laying around, ensure you do it to avoid a build-up of mess and clutter
  • Regularly open windows to allow air to circulate; helping to prevent against damp which can be expensive to treat in caravans
  • Clear all air vents of any debris that may cause a blockage
  • Ensure that all annual checks are carried out on boiler and gas systems - this is for the safety of both you and other residents
  • Inspect all electrical appliances before use in your caravan, especially if you plan on renting out your caravan
  • Inspect your caravan's drainage system for blockages or water that could freeze over in the winter months - ensure that you have turned off your water and gas supply beforehand
  • Make sure that all water has been drained from the cistern after flushing the toilet
  • Remember to keep all windows secured and doors locked when you are not in your caravan, just as you would in your home

If you follow these handy tips, your static caravan will remain in top condition, not only in the summer but also throughout the winter. You will be saved the job of performing major maintenance works on your holiday home.

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